Diputación commemorates the Day against violence against women with a fortnight of activities

The Almería Provincial Council has started the week of activities held on the occasion of 25N with the installation of the ‘Red Bank’; a project to which the provincial institution has adhered in the matter of prevention for the reduction of gender violence and that constitutes one of the 15 activities to be held in the province over the next few days.

This act “shows the commitment of the Provincial Council in carrying out programs that establish common objectives with other institutions to eradicate and implement mechanisms against gender violence”, as indicated by the institution in a note.

Immediately, held within the Special Delegation for Equality and Family, besieged in Calle Marín, The Equality Deputy has participated, Carmen Belén López Zapata, as well as members of the CAI. The women of the Immediate Attention Center (QUIT) have been protagonists when conducting a painting workshop in which color was given, entre otras actividades, to the bank that remembers the murdered women of Almería.

The provincial deputy for Equality and Family, Carmen Belén López, has stressed the importance of the celebration of 25N. “The campaign ‘Almería united against gender violence’ It is a sample of the union between institutions in the search for real equality between men and women, and that, also, pursues the objective that the province is one day free of gender violence”.

On the other hand, The provincial deputy has reported the fifteen activities that will be carried out by the Provincial Council “for the whole society and throughout the province”, so that the Provincial Council, town halls and associations “We are committed to the fight against this scourge and that is why we will continue to work together. This year we broke activity records to commemorate one of the most important days in our history”.

Among the planned events are the celebration of the local intervention table with actions in the fight against gender violence, the jury meeting of the XXII Carmen de Burgos Essay Prize, the special lighting of the façade of the Provincial Palace commemorating the 25N, the commemorative act with the women's associations of the provincial council of the Diputación de Almería, the face-to-face conference ‘Training in digital skills for women’ or the act that will take place on 25 November in Roquetas de Mar, inter alia.

A free phone 900713535, and a WhatsApp number 681000016 (especially for women with hearing impairment), are the lines of the Diputación de Almería of immediate attention to women and minors victims of gender violence that operate the 24 hours of the day during 365 days a year.

Also, women, and anyone who detects situations of gender violence, you can go to 112 emergency, to the number 016 of the Ministry of Equality, that leaves no trace on the invoice and where it is serviced in 52 Languages, on the phone 950261155 for information and advice, or to the town councils of the municipalities.