Sixteen AlVelAl farmers are betting on the floor and landscape

Through the Fund Invest in Landscape, Invest In Future 16 AlVelAl farmers receive funding for implementation of regenerative soil and landscape activities on their farms.

With a total investment of 116.000 euros, Invest in the background Landscape, Invest in future aims to create a number of positive impacts on the landscape and soil, as enhancing the uptake capacity of rainwater through permanent structures or increased biodiversity useful through mulches, insects and soil microorganisms.

The call for this fund, which opened in July this year, They were presented a total of 19 projects, being 16 selected to support implementation.  

So, farmers will make correction water on their farms through albarradas, swales and ponds scavenger naturalized rainwater; in the same way hedges planted windbreak, forest thinnings mass conducted and apply prunings.

All beneficiaries of the Fund Invest in Landscape, Invest in the future are farmers, AlVelAl partners, who they have signed a commitment to regenerative agriculture and implementation of the actions planned within a year. The Fund Invest in Landscape, Invest in future finances 80 percent of projected performances with a maximum of 9.600 euros per project.

During the delivery of this fund, Santiaga Sánchez, Treasurer AlVelAl, He highlighted the "satisfaction of the association bet many farmers soil restoration techniques and landscape. Work together to stem the erosion of our soil ". "We hope that these projects are the starting point for a way to look after our soil agriculture, considering these practices as a mode of production of working the land ".

AlVelAl Association

The AlVelAl association unites the regions of the Altiplano de Granada, Velez, Alto Almanzora, Guadix and Northwest Murcia. An association of farmers, livestock, business, researchers and local society who are committed to ecological agriculture and livestock to improve soil fertility and water management. Working together for a more prosperous territory for future generations, fighting and, against rural depopulation.