Diaz March notes 2015 as the date for completion of works of variant Albox.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, Friday was here the works of variant Albox (Almería), recently resumed by the Andalusian government and be completed in March next year will continue with 22 miles of highway in the Valle del Almanzora.

Diaz has overseen the work resumed in the hamlet of La Molata which was accompanied by the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Elena Cortés, as well as several territorial delegates, Area mayors and representatives of the PSOE who have attended planning projected for the next ten months of field action.

The Andalusian provides complete variant Albox, which is already the 88 percent of its execution, within ten months with an investment of 6,8 million, which will lead to the creation of 85 jobs. “It is a project that extends and multiplies the highways of the autonomous community and a very improtanter infrastructure for joint Almanzora Valley”, President stressed.

In this sense, has deepened in “benefits” that the new infrastructure will mean for the industrial and economic fabric of the area, marked by the mining industry of natural stone with which “we must have a feeling for the situation taking”, as indicated Diaz, who highlighted this “engine development” in the province.

The action will implement a layout 8,7 kilometer, in which the Ministry of Public Works and Housing has invested a total of 39 million. Entry into service will give continuity to 22 kilometers from the motorway Almanzora, Albox variant for linking with the other two sections and in service, corresponding to-End-The Albox Albox and Cucador, in the region of Almería Marble.

Also, the Almanzora motorway connects via high capacity the A-92 with the Mediterranean motorway A-7. Nowadays, investment in works already executed by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in the overall totals Almanzora motorway 83 million, to which must be added other 14,5 million for writing projects, geotecnia, expropriations, quality control and project managers.


Diaz has stated that this action in the Almanzora motorway as well as those developed in the Highway Olivar will allow complete “in very near future” an autonomous high capacity road network, “a network of radial and transverse infrastructure will permitr us to travel in time to be competitive and stay connected with people”, has been expressed as.

Thereby, has expressed its commitment to “industrial and economic growth” by such infrastructures ranging “in line with what we stand for in the Board Governance: rapid transport, sustainable and quality”.

The revival of this work was acquired by the regional government commitment to resume those infrastructure projects which are in an advanced stage of implementation and have a “high spatial and social impact”. In this sense, the Minister of Public Works and Housing, Elena Cortés, has also emphasized the “fulfillment” the regional government with this “commitment” to complete the infrastructure, regional budgets funded by European funds and from the Great Project statement by the European Union.


Besides variant Albox, the Andalusian resume in the second half of this year the access roads to the port of Garrucha and improved A-334, from Caniles (Granada) a Purchena (Almería), actions that will have 8,5 million and completed in 2015.

This resumption of these two works in the province of Almería responds to approval, by the Governing Council, a transfer of 13,5 million fund performances Feder regional roads network and the construction of new bus stations.

Specifically, in the case of the burial of the port of Garrucha, the work –which has an overall budget of 7,4 million– lies 53,35 percent of its level of implementation and benefit of 6,08 million euros to complete the work, estimated at approximately ten months. This action will help to improve traffic and road safety in the town, and to promote commercial activity in the port area.

The second of the performances reactivated after an economic boost 2,5 million fund Feder is the conditioning of the A-334, between Purchena (Almería) y Caniles (Granada). This work, which lies 68% its execution and will last three months, is the reinforcement firm on the A-334 in a total of 38 kilometers situated between the two locations. This section had a total budget of six million euros.

The road has a daily average of almost 7.000 vehicles, which 500 are heavy traffic due to the strong industrial activity the Almanzora. This amount of heavy traffic associated with the marble industry has led to the deterioration of the road surface, departure point for two-way high-capacity: the A-92 Granada to Puerto Lumbreras and the A-7 Mediterranean. The improvements will include the replacement of road markings, replacement of damaged vertical signals and improved drainage of the road.

As a variant of Roquetas de Mar, Cortes said that the Ministry will “step by step”, with what we currently have “Gone clearing the first proposals” made by the City of Roquetas, which aims to advance the funding for the action. “Now we have to finish to reach an agreement and sign an agreement with the City”, He added the minister, specify who has declined to discuss aspects to formalize the agreement.