“Recycling Day” IES Entresierras Purchena

Antonio Martinez during his speech.

Antonio Martinez during his speech.

The delegate of Environment and Planning of the Junta de Andalucía, Antonio Martinez, along with the Mayor of Purchena, Juan Miguel Tortosa have this morning attended the Secondary School "Entresierras" (Purchena) which today it held its "Recycling Day", Recapacicla within the Program Board.

Throughout the morning there have been activities such as projection in the auditorium of the Town Hall of audiovisual "Evolutionary Ultimatum” and call attention to the importance of recycling for students and teachers, exposure training panel, debates, as well as workshops on Science and Recycling and Responsible Consumption.

Antonio Martinez stressed the importance of this type of education "to make citizens more aware waste reduction promoting the culture of the three Rs, "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle "and recalled that the Recapacicla program aimed at the educational community began in the course 2011-2012 and since then participation has grown steadily, so that in the past year 2015-2016 they participated 257 Andalusian centers, 55.152 students and 5.252 teachers.


Recapacicla is an environmental education program that aims to inform and involve the educational community in reducing the generation of all types of waste, especially packaging and glass, as well as proper source separation and reflect on the environmental implications of consumption. The recipients are the schools of Andalusia publicly funded, with the exception of university.

A turn is part of the Village Program, developed by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning and the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía and aims to promote integrated education initiatives for the conservation of natural resources development and promotion of sustainable development in the field of Andalusian educational community, in order to contribute to a more sustainable society, justice and solidarity.