They complain to the European Commission the case of emergency wells of the Almanzora

28/10/2019 Alcóntar neighbors (Almería) se concentran contra los pozos de emergencia en el municipio POLITICA ANDALUCÍA ESPAÑA EUROPA ALMERÍA AUTONOMÍAS DEFENSA DEL AGUA DEL ALMANZORA

Residents of the Alto Almanzora, essentially Alcóntar, Pannier, Armuña and Tijola, and neighboring areas of the Altiplano Granada, formalize the Platform in defense of water of the Alto Almanzora ', after meeting on Sunday and sign a manifesto and after spontaneous origin between neighbors and irrigators last 25 October when drilling machines appeared in Alcóntar for polls ahead of the wells emergency announced by the Junta de Andalucía.

The platform a main object is marked: "Permanent cessation of so-called emergency wells in the municipality of Alcóntar, at the head of the Almanzora River ", Pray in the document. To achieve this end, With 17 irrigation communities of the Alto Almanzora that have joined the group, They have hired a law expert lawyers in water. "We have already filed an appeal with the Ministry of Agriculture and complaints are pending before the European Commission and other agencies".

On the other hand, the newly formed platform, denounced the "manipulation of information by the Andalusian and large agricultural enterprises of the low Almanzora ". For the group have tried to disguise the issue as a need for water to supply two villages in the middle Almanzora and "that's totally false". According to the manifesto signed by neighbors, This valley has always had enough water for human supply, "Especially when it has an installed pipeline from the desalination plant in Carboneras to the allegedly affected area. What happens is that it is a semidesert area, large agribusinesses have made enormous reclamations and have launched more than 25.000 hectares of irrigated land in what was previously dry areas ".

For platform is essential that the Aquifer Sierra Filabres "Do not be pillaged for the benefit of large agricultural enterprises".

Source: Journal of Almería