Dozens of residents of Alcóntar are concentrated against emergency wells to question its legality

28/10/2019 Alcóntar neighbors (Almería) se concentran contra los pozos de emergencia en el municipio POLITICA ANDALUCÍA ESPAÑA EUROPA ALMERÍA AUTONOMÍAS DEFENSA DEL AGUA DEL ALMANZORA

Dozens of neighbors –up 230 people by organization– They have concentrated on Alcóntar Monday against the opening of the project to open “emergency wells” in the town, and who they doubt the “legality” This procedure since, as they have been pointed, “there is no environmental impact report nor has made a decree drought”, inter alia, by the Board to endorse prospecting.

Sources of the Platform in Defense of Water del Almanzora have moved to Europa Press on suspected irregularities at the polls “version change” justifying water extraction, as initially it indicated it would be to alleviate the transfer Negratín-Almanzora though, later, He ensured that was aimed at “human supply” Levante.

“If it is to supply, Where are those needs? No people have asked for water, They are using screen”, They pointed out from the entity, where they have affected how to proceed from the Andalusian when trying to “remove as much water as possible and quality” Township, which would lead one to seven hectometres, as they recalled. “It is impossible to supply that amount of such enormous water”, have stressed.

In this sense, have pointed out that both the Ecologist Group Mediterranean (GEM) as the Foundation Savia, Agapro and Platform River Castril has filed an appeal to the decision of the Ministry, since the work would affect the area as sources to supply the Altiplano de Granada.

Monday's meeting, in which they have participated mayors from other towns, It has highlighted the refusal of the irrigators of the municipality emergency wells, whose surveys would have tried to boot into at least two zones “private property” since last Thursday night. “They have fenced the area without permission from the owner, who has denounced in court”, They have Apostilled.

Equally, They have highlighted some reactions on the fate of water from wells, including the Mayor of Pulpí, Juan Pedro García (PP), whoever “He thanked the Ministry to resolve the issue of transfer”, and the Federation of irrigators in Almería (Feral), where the legality of the action defended. “If water is for irrigation, What they get?”, They have been raised.

The platform has also complained that they have not contacted them since the Board whenever the local mayor, Antonio Ramón Salas, He would have announced its intention to ask the Government Andalusian one “alternative tubing” to ensure domestic supply. “It is that he has not understood the message, that we do not want wells, and if there are pipes, there are wells and connections”, They have abounded.

The entity, from where they have stressed that it is “The third time” in 20 years they are trying to “be water area”, They have required more sensitivity of administrations inland municipalities, because the lack of water would be one more element in promoting depopulation of small towns.

Source: EuropaPress