“RUINS, LIES AND pettiness. Some considerations on the Church of Cuevas del Almanzora” Enrique Fernández article Bolea.

Enrique Fernandez Bolea. Photo Rodrigo Valera.

main altar of the Church of the Incarnation. José Fernández BALLESTRIN photo -Corredor (S. XX – Decade of the 50)

Rarely the alarming deterioration of a building conveys so obviously neglect, neglect and indolence of those who should ensure their conservation. The parish church of Our Lady of the Incarnation in Cuevas del Almanzora unfortunately stands in perfect example of that abandonment that the intolerable apathy transformed into a more palpable ruin every day. our temple, linked to the religious sentiment of worship within its walls is officiated, but also symbolic space of emotions and sensibilities shared by all Cuevans, It brings together a set of values ​​that earned him there for 1983 the cataloging of National Artistic and Historical Monument few years later obtained, this time by decision of the Andalusian administration, Figure Protection of Cultural Interest. Well, nor the community feeling or recognition of artistic and historical merits have helped to prevent runaway degradation from taking over this landmark building and we sum many in that sense halfway between impotence and shame. And it is that regardless of some emergency interventions were addressed in 2001 and 2007 to strengthen and consolidate its foundation cover, essential if you wanted to keep up the building, little has been done to the rescue of a destination by the ominous and uncertain time.

Okay, yes, truth-and so I left the lie that other orean with execrable cowardice- Yes some interventions that have been implemented, far from contributing to their conservation, They violate its integrity and alter those values ​​to be and should be preserved. I refer in particular barbarity that began in the last months of 2015, when it was decided, arbitrarily, unilateral and negligent, replace the chapel of the Bores the checkered floor in white and gray marble that covers the entire surface of the nave and aisles new one, from that moment cripples one of the most representative elements of our church. that soil, the priests of the mining company Hope and Consortes costeasen in 1844 as one of the many improvements and beautification dignify that introduced in the parish, now shows the irreparable bite of clumsiness, of ignorance, Insensitivity. Because that would not have happened if destruction had been applied the protocol that those protected by any patrimonial figure -in relation to our church members have said that there is a double protection- It is activated when an intervention is facing, however modest it is considered. But in the present case there was no occasion, But that said process is set in motion in order to ensure the protection of the monument would have been necessary for all, from step, It had been carried out within the framework established by the regulations, and I can assure you it was not.

For those soil replacement work was not granted by the City minor works license as is required, what it would become the trigger for the protocol referred initiate, relevant technical reports on what was intended to be realizasen and, surely, intervention had been dismissed from the Department of Culture to consider the consequences of that unpardonable aggression against our heritage. In addition to other serious irregularities which I will not mention here not too stir up the embers or feed waters and drop too riots, responsible for muskrat returned to acting with contempt for our collective heritage by allowing parts were replaced flooring sold, evaporating forever the possibility to amend the mess by replacing the original slabs torn.

It is true that the undersigned this article, alarmed by the testimony of some people and the nature of the wealth proven abuse, Then he puts in knowledge I will insist on what this action- the local council and the Provincial Delegation of Culture of Almeria aberration that was committed outside any technical control, regardless of the protocol that has inescapably applied in these cases, because there was no license to act, or intervention project in BIC, nor of course technical staff supervision required in these cases. Is a lie, absolutely lie, I have denounced anyone for this illegal intervention, and who has aired this falsehood lies with premeditation unable to afford, because it undermines one of the precepts of conviviality and bonhomie. What if, I put it in those who must exercise protection of our heritage because it was my duty as a citizen, as a responsible over the integrity and maintenance of what I have left my elders and has profound significance for the community. I missed then and I continue missing now that other voices, relevant and theoretically committed, not would join this effort to preserve what belongs to us all.

Well, nothing know the details of what the temple of the Incarnation happened, City Council maintained contacts with the delegate of Culture, whom some technicians from the same regional administration had reported the details, and this was possible because the undersigned and another person, I prefer to remain anonymous, He put on his knowledge which is not the same as reporting, even though one is dig in his heels- the details of the property damage they had committed and continued to be perpetrated. The provincial head of the competent area, after verifying the facts, He moved the matter to the bishopric of Almería, and it was precisely those responsible for this diocese which, ultimately, They ordered their conditional the immediate cessation of some works undertaken against all norms and criteria.

And at this point, with the deplorable condition of our church as a spur, I wonder why it has not been addressed yet the accurate restoration of one of the most emblematic and important temples in the province; why, If the priority when undertaking rehabilitation works in these religious buildings establishes the diocese, Pechersk still waiting for a decision sine die, of excessively delayed, may lead undesirable consequences; why, instead, minor temples, minor historical and artistic value, and not even affected by any protection, They have benefited from the opportunity of an intervention that has so far been denied the Caves. Nobody explained, and no one seems to be- It aims to do, submerging in a ceremony constant confusion than cashing a few. It would be desirable, once and for all, someone arrojase light on the confusion, an urgent plan of action to direct their view to the commitment of the whole community arbitrate, an efficient search resource that protects the inescapable and pressing restoration, otherwise it will ruin their devastating process until it's too late.

But in the meantime I wish the wait will not be prolonged- can not justify or allow actions, by well-meaning that we crave, which apparently pursuing mitigate the shameful deterioration temple, especially when these works are executed outside the procedure stipulated. Because every time that happens, and I hope it never happens, at least one that tells him again to inform whom it may concern, no matter who likes it. Rasguémonos garments and we demand for our parish splendor that is denied; the rest is me indifferent.

Enrique Fernandez Bolea

Official Chronicler of Cuevas del Almanzora

Enrique Fernández Bolea photo, Rodrigo Valero.