Llera work of detention facilities with juveniles who commit crimes of domestic violence highlights


The Minister of Justice in Parliament underlines the specific intervention programs carried out in Oria Land, Bay of Cadiz and El Limonar.

Councilor Justice and Home Affairs, Emilio Llera, He highlighted the work of all the centers for juvenile offenders in Andalusia with young people who have committed crimes of domestic violence with the aim of preparing children to respond appropriately to situations of conflict.

Llera has stressed the work done by the centers Land Oria, Almeria; The Limonar, Alcala de Guadaira (Seville), and the Bay of Cadiz centers, located in Puerto Real and El Puerto de Santa María, facilities that have specific programs that exceed the percentage of young people who have committed such crimes in Andalusia (20%).

Oria land has specialized in this type of crime unit that develops two programs: the Intervention and mediation in the family and Prevention, detection and intervention in domestic violence, from which it has been the basis for 2014 a un total de 110 lower.

Almeria center has to do with a psychologist, a social worker and educational staff, professionals, trained and specialized in this type of problem, They work with children to achieve in these changing attitudes so as to improve family life.

In the province of Seville, He explained the Minister, The lower center Limonar program being implemented covers characterized by a comprehensive intervention with children admitted for an offense related to violence filioparental, or in cases where the existence of this type of violence the occasion of placement is detected while not, and he served in this center 37 under these causes over the past year.

Llera has pointed out that this program is characterized by carrying out a comprehensive intervention with children by both an individual and family therapy. Educational and therapeutic intervention is developed for, when the child returns home, “you do to be part of a family that has learned to live, to speak, to engage in an appropriate manner and away from any violence or aggressive behavior”.

Last, detention centers Bay of Cadiz, located in Puerto Real and El Puerto de Santa María, They have the Versa program, based on family therapy, He attended in 2014 a 25 lower. Professionals working in these resources are primarily aimed at increasing the social skills of family members while improving communication between them.

Society, He said the counselor, currently seeing an increase in the phenomena of domestic violence by minors. The Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs, within the framework of its powers, It intervenes only when the offender is over 14 and less than 18 age. In these cases, the judge may agree to the entry of these minors in detention centers.

During 2014, has said Llera, “the 20% measures for minors were for measures related to this crime and there are centers that this percentage reaches 35%; hence the need to maintain programs for care”.

The Minister concluded by drawing attention to the importance of prevention and protection, “because no one escapes it is at this stage that there is greater scope for action”. Thus, the Andalusian calls for interventions from the field of education adapted to the needs of the child, “who often, we can not forget, It is victims of situations that have conditioned their personal development”.