Daniel Martínez Bauzá wins the XX Albox International Poetry Contest

Daniel Martínez Bouzá, poet.

Like every spring, Albox delivers the ‘Martín García Ramos’ poetry award, being this 2021 the winner of the XX International Poetry Contest Daniel Martínez Bauzá (Mallorca, 1994).

This young poet begins to participate in oral poetry competitions in 2013. In 2014 He won the ‘I Debate League’ of the UIB and was proclaimed Champion of Poetry Slam Mallorca and Runner-up of Poetry Slam Spain.

The following year he moved to Barcelona, where he wins the I Championship of Team Slam Spain (2015) with Dante Scream. In 2019 gets third place in the XX National Contest of Declamation "Diego Granados Jiménez" with his own poems.

Win again the Mallorca Poetry Slam Championship in 2020. He has been the creator and organizer of the poetry competition events "Adjusting Verses" (2016), next to Pablowski, and “Stingers and Bards” (2018), with Patricia Álvarez.

Now, in Mallorca, teaches poetry workshops in bookstores “literal” and “Literary Island”. Writer of three books of poetry unpublished so far: “Graveyard of lights” (2015), “Decaying futures” (2019) and “If life you pretend” (2020), the latter in homage to the Mallorcan poet Miguel Ángel Velasco.

The prize endowed with € 6,000 in cash will be in a collection of poetry from a prestigious national publisher.

The jury has been chaired by D. Jon Juaristi and coordinated by the cultural manager of the Albox City Council; in addition to several specialist professors of Spanish Literature appointed by the Coordinating Commission of the Contest, Mrs.. Catalina García Pérez, Family member García Ramos and winners of the last contests.

The awards ceremony will take place in the "Federico García Lorca" auditorium in Albox on September 18, 2021, in an act in which, as well as other performances, It will proceed to read some of the poems of the winning.