Cultures to share in Vera


Through different thematic areas with texts, images and objects, young audiences, young adult visiting the exhibition can find information about the history and present of the Roma community, through their traditions and culture.

The Department of Equality and Social Services City of Vera, in collaboration with the FSG, He has managed to bring to the municipality expressing veratense a Sample history, the traditions, culture and current situation of the Roma community. "The exhibition", explains the Councillor for Equality, Yolanda Torres, "is made up of 16 panels by the narrated and can be viewed our origins and how they came to Spain and specifically Andalusia. It commemorates the day 22 because that was the date of their ancestors by Despeñaperros in Jaen and nobles were received as the Condestable Miguel Lucas de Iranzo ". These, for, a training and information resource aimed mutual enrichment between Roma and non-Roma.

The sample, which can be visited at the House of Culture of Vera until the next day 19, It presents and teaches particularities of the Roma community as, for example, the composition of his iconographic flag, as we consider the Social Educator, Paquita Navarro, "The symbol of the flag bears the blue above, down amid green and red wheel. The blue sky is the roof, green earth, and the wheel were as moved, in carts ". One after another, the panels and the narratives of the Councillor for Equality and Social Education, up the European tour from India of the Roma community and the various persecutions they have suffered over the centuries.

Pictures, small text, objects and instruments, illustrate this exhibition will be visited by students of schools that wish and young people and adults who want to know their neighbors.