Culture promotes research projects reservoir of Macael Viejo and La Mina Memorial

The Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage, through the Directorate General of Heritage and Documentary, It has authorized the execution of two general research projects, one at the archaeological site of Macael Viejo (Almería) and another on the defensive monument in Ronda La Mina (Malaga), in order to enhance their knowledge from Archaeologically thereby enhancing its value.

Specifically, in the case of Macael Viejo settlement, the research project, directed by archaeologist Abraham Santiago Moreno, with scientific advice from the Department of Medieval History and Historiography Science and Techniques of the University of Granada; It will be developed over a period of six years, estimated by the research team time to reach a greater historical knowledge of this medieval settlement, located on a table near Macael and possible germ of the present municipality.

This site has been operated by the same team of experts on two previous occasions, one in 2017 and another in 2018, serving as a scientific basis for this new research project, which will culminate, as it planned the City of Macael, with the restoration of the remains that are excavated and opened to the public the ancient settlement.

On the other hand, It has also given the green light to the research project 'La Mina' Ronda (Malaga), It is consisting of a topographic analysis, archaeological and architectural monument of defensive mererní ', which aims to address an archaeological and architectural analysis of ancient monument, which it presents an excellent condition and a chronology and morphology quite exceptional in Spain.

The implementation of this project analysis, which will run over four years, not involve the disruption in tourist visits to the monument, closely linked to rondeño landscape and Tajo, and promote the dissemination of good itself through guided tours, conferences and seminars by the research team. A team led by archaeologist Alvaro Jimenez Sancho and coordinated by Alfonso Jiménez, former chief architect of the Cathedral of Seville, and Fernando Amores, one of the greatest connoisseurs of medieval archeology.