Cuevas del Almanzora presents its "Primer Joven"

Antonio Fernández with Miriam Quintana.

Antonio Fernández with Miriam Quintana.

The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora, through the Department of Youth and Sports, He presented this morning its "Primer Joven", a new initiative to encourage youth participation in the daily lives of our people.

Mayor Antonio Fernández Liria and the Councilor for Youth and Sports Miriam Quintana, have realized this youth program, they hope "have a great acceptance among the boys and girls of our municipality and serve so that they are fully informed and actively participate in the activities that we dedicate to them".

According to the first mayor, "The City Council thinks about young people and proof of this is this new program that we have launched. Our young people are important and they deserve that we work for them ”. This Young Card will serve as “a new mechanism that identifies you and helps you keep up to date with all the actions, aids and campaigns carried out in the municipality ”.

As explained by Councilor Miriam Quintana, “It is essential to establish an adequate means of communication with our young people and we think that this Primer can be widely accepted. We want our young people to come to the Town Hall, Get to know it and take advantage of the service we provide you from the Municipal Youth Information Center ”.

The Young Card is intended for young people from 14 a 30 years old. It is a personal and non-transferable document. Each holder must stamp it in each of the activities that are adhered to this program. With the participation and assistance to youth and sports activities you can get multiple benefits and fantastic prizes. The Primer must be requested at the Municipal Youth Information Center of the City Council. More information 950618462.