Cuevas del Almanzora starts developing its Integrated Strategic Plan


The Municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora has launched a comprehensive strategic plan of the municipality in order to boost economic development Cuevas.

Mayor Antonio Fernandez and the mayor of Economic Development Maria Isabel Alarcon, They have recently met with the consultant Albant techniques to define the strategy to be followed in the coming years.

The main objective that the City arises with this action is to ensure the quality of life of citizens of the municipality, developing a realistic business plan and integrated to the next 8 years old.

It is first to make a diagnosis of the municipality to identify current challenges facing Cuevas del Almanzora from the economic point of view, environmental, climatic, and demographic and social opportunities and potential for future development.

After analyzing these objectives and will be raised to achieve the strategy and actions to be developed.

The Integrated Plan will be the framework of the municipality for access to financing and other European FEDER funds to carry out the actions envisaged in the Strategic Plan funds.

Como ha explicado el primer edil “es un proyecto de suma importancia ya que se trata de diseñar el modelo de ciudad que queremos construir entre todos y que nos garantice una buena calidad de vida, decent employment and future development ".

"It is therefore essential to involve all citizens in both the diagnosis and the design of strategies, since it is essential that this is a project all ".

To this end it has hired the consulting Albant to perform different actions with different groups of people to complete the actions already undertaken since the council.

They are to conduct surveys, interviews and discussion forums on different topics with the participation of technical personnel from different agencies, associations, business sector and the general public.