Cuevas del Almanzora will have a shuttle Employment to promote employment



town hall, Foundation Santa María la Real, Telefónica Foundation and Andalusian collaborate to launch in October a shuttle Employment.

The shuttle Employment Cuevas del Almanzora serve to help 20 unemployed people to train a new search for teamwork. They will have the help of a counselor, which will provide them with new search tools and guide them to strengthen their professional skills, mejorar su empleabilidad y contar con nuevas posibilidades de inserción socio-laboral.

the destinarios

Of the 20 participants, 15 are younger than 35 years old; and 5 remaining may be older, until 59 years old. Everyone must be unemployed and registered as job seekers in the Public Employment Service. Apart from these requirements, not looking for a specific training profile, but open to people with basic studies; coming from vocational training or high school, as well as diplomas or university degrees.

In the same way, not a particular labor sector is requested; but participation is open to people with different paths, of different work areas, with or without experience; or with special difficulties in accessing the labor market.

"The shuttle will be composed of a very diverse team, with the idea of ​​banishing direct competition, and promote collaborative culture. We look for different profiles, that complement, to help each other to find work, with new techniques, with new tools ", explained from Fundación Santa María la Real, entity that created the Launchers program and has been implemented throughout the country with an average labor insertion of 60%.

Registration deadline

Those interested in participating have until 18 November to enroll in the program via the web Launchers ( or classroom format, solicitando y presentando el formulario en:

Employment Service.

No. 1 Constitution Square

04610 – Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería)

Schedule: of 8 a 15 h.

Tel.: 950618461.

What will you do in the shuttle?

The 20 People selected by the technical / a Foundation Santa María la Real, following the criteria specific program, They will meet several days a week in premises provided by the City. They will conduct coaching sessions and emotional intelligence, dynamic communication, personal branding and job search 2.0; training personal interviews; mapping employability, company visits, meetings with entrepreneurs and labor intermediation processes responsible for Human Resources.

good results

This shuttle is included in the 145 Fundación Telefónica and Fundación Santa María la Real will launch this year throughout the country, for what is also co-funded the European Social Fund. "The experience of launchers developed during 2014 and 2015 and the distance traveled have shown that this project contributes significantly to improving real opportunities for unemployed people in their access to employment ", explained from Fundación Telefónica.

For further information:

Soraya of SIAS

Launchers Communications Manager Jobs

Foundation Santa María la Real - Madrid Headquarters

Tfno. 91 522 12 62


Marta Prieto

Communication Employment Launchers

Foundation Santa María la Real - Madrid Headquarters

Tfno. 91 522 12 62