CTAP Almeria organized in the next edition of the International Congress ICSCM


Earlier this week the Congress Intentional Stone was held in Germany, the concrete and its processing technology ICSCM (International Conference on Stone and Concrete Machining) at the headquarters of the University of Bochum.

The event brought together about 200 international experts in the field of technological innovation and new processes of transformation, cutting and processing, natural stone and concrete.

CTAP attended the same as the only Spanish representative in this forum, sharing the stage with members of research teams from countries such as Germany, Italy, France, China and Turkey among others.

CTAP trip to participate in multiple presentations and bilateral meetings, It has also served to achieve a new milestone for Andalusian entity, CTAP will become the first headquarters of the International Congress (ICSCM) outside German territory.

The next edition of this event will be held at the headquarters of the Technological Centre, after its conclusion at the Universities of Hannover, Dortmund y Bochum, whose representatives will also collaborate in the organization of future event.

The main objective of CTAP within the organization of this event is to attract the Shire of Marble the top representatives worldwide in the development of processing technologies and production of natural stone, machinery or cutting tools.

"To position our region and the Technology Centre on the world map of R + D + i is undoubtedly the major challenge has led us to lead the proposal to organize this international event" afirma Dori Ramos.

"ICSCM is a date close to entrepreneurship, where technological solutions and progress in transformation systems could be adapted even for transfer to industry, Therefore this conference is also a hub of knowledge that will help us advance our position as one of the greatest technological platforms and validation processes within the industry and construction materials especially in the natural stone industry " says Alfonso Cortés who has led this initiative.