CSIF denounces the closure of units in 25 Almeria centers

The Independent Trade Union Center and Officials, CSIF Almeria, denounces the closure of three-year units in 25 Infant and Primary educational centers of the province, before the end of the schooling period that ends the next 31 March. In this, the union criticizes this cut in the provision of lines of the first year of the second cycle of infantile for the next school period 2021-2022.

According to CSIF data, this decline in the line of 3 years would affect eight schools in the capital of Infant and Primary Education such as the Virgen de Loreto, Mother of Light, Thousands, Lope de Vega, Indalo, Francisco de Goya, El Puche and Ave Maria del Tithing. Regarding the units of 4 years old, this cut will affect three centers, including the Valentine, four schools lose lines in five years, six are left without first grade of Primary, How can the CEIP Luis Siret and four lose second in Primary.

Enter the information handled by the union, In addition, the Rural Public Centers would also be seriously affected. An example of this can be the CPR Filabres, in Albanchez who has lost two units, the Middle Almanzora II of Albox where they have suppressed a unit in 5 years old, Alpujarra Alta in Bayárcal that for a student they cancel a unit and all primary school students would stay together, Lusor de Sorbas loses a line with the same students as last year and Azahar de Alboloduy, where a drive is deleted in 3 years old. Regarding the Early Childhood Education centers, The cut would affect with the suppression of a unit in Ruescas, which translates from going from a staff of five teachers to only two, losing support.

On the other hand, cuts also arrive, for the next course, to the Official Language Schools, in total five groups. On the one hand, Arabic has been deleted (A1 and A2) in El Ejido and in Macael Italian is deleted, which currently has 3 grupos de B1 y el B2 de Francés.

For the Education Sector of CSIF these cuts have no justification and even more so considering that the schooling process has not yet finished. “Clearly, this elimination of lines represents a very important decrease in the first stage of the Public School of the province., that will have an impact on the rest of the units as the students advance ”explains Elena Marín, Head of Education at CSIF Almería.

That is why the Central Trade Union demands, in addition to the maintenance of the units, an effective reduction of ratios in all educational stages, of 25 a 20 students in the Infant and Primary stage and 30 a 25 in Secondary with the fundamental objective of quantitatively and qualitatively improving the quality of public education in the province.

Regional meeting to defend the public school

On the other hand, CSIF has reiterated its defense for the public school during the first meeting with the new general director of the Teaching Staff and Human Resources Management of the Ministry of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, Pablo Quesada Ruiz. The president of the Education Sector of CSIF Andalucía, Elena Garcia, has claimed to the new responsible "that the low birth rate translates into lower ratios that enable a higher educational quality, and not in suppression of public school units ".

In this sense, CSIF Education has asked in this meeting, in which the Deputy Minister of Education was also present, Maria del Carmen Castillo, carrying out an in-depth study on the suppression of units that are taking place and has extended its hand to “find solutions that avoid or minimize this problem” and that, in the opinion of the union central, must go through "the authorization of less numerous groups, which will result in the much desired educational quality ".

This has been one of the demands of the union to the Ministry led by Javier Imbroda, who has also demanded "that the teaching staff be consolidated that this year, as a consequence of Covid-19, has been put in the fray ”.

Equally, CSIF asks, specifically, an increase in the staff of Therapeutic Pedagogy specialists (PT) and Hearing and Language (AL), for better attention to diversity and students with specific educational support needs. CSIF has also addressed in this meeting the situation of Religion teachers and the urgency of implementing measures to improve employment for this group.

Also, Another of the demands of the trade union center is the salary equality of Andalusian teachers with other autonomous communities, to which Elena García has referred, who has stated that "we cannot be in the caboose forever", Therefore, he understands that the educational Administration should establish a calendar to comply with this claim..

The defense of the Bankruptcy as a conciliation measure, as well as a greater offer of vacancies in the Transfer Contest, There are other issues that CSIF Education has raised in the aforementioned meeting with the head of Human Resources of the Ministry, to which he has also transferred the importance of reducing job insecurity through important public job offers that meet the real needs of the educational system, always complying with the principles of equality, merit and ability.