Cs opened file to the mayor of Cuevas gave the PP Waste Consortium

Indalecio Modesto.

Indalecio Modesto .

The provincial leadership of Citizens (Cs) He has opened disciplinary proceedings Party councilor in the municipality of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería), Indalecio Modesto, for breach of the decisions of the competent bodies of citizens within the framework of compliance with its statutes.

This is how the orange formation has been pronounced in a brief statement in the face of the controversy raised after the mayor, that shares a government with the PSOE in Cuevas del Almanzora, abstain in the voting for the presidency of the Levante-Almanzora-Los Vélez Waste Consortium and grant the presidency of the organ to the PP.

In this sense, the socialist spokesman in the Almería Provincial Council, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, has invited the leader of the PP in the province and president of the Diputación, Gabriel Amat, to publicly show the document of agreement reached with Ciudadanos so that the councilor of this formation by Cuevas del Almanzora could choose to promote the PP to the presidency of the Consortium in a “unexpected gesture”.

Lorenzo has manifested himself in this way after knowing the content of some recordings in which he allegedly negotiates with the Cuevano de Cs councilor, that, in the opinion of the socialist spokesman, “they leave a little perplexed and they dirty politics”, as indicated in a note.

“What I am not very clear about is whether the PP can put its agreement on the table and, above all, after listening to the recording, know what that agreement was involved in; if it is in a bag, and how is the bag, if it was black”, has been questioned.

Thereby, He has demanded that Amat show the agreement that was materialized at the time that he has requested explanations from Citizens in relation to the recordings and the attitudes of the Cuevano councilor in this regard.