Coordination between professionals and schools to reduce cases of absenteeism in Zurgena

Meeting to combat absenteeism.

Meeting to combat absenteeism.
Meeting to combat absenteeism.

colleges, police, health professionals and the City Council are part of the new commission created, that will track student case by case.

A pioneer Truancy Committee formed by schools, Local Police, health professionals and the city of Zurgena, shall ensure attempting to reduce and prevent truancy of children in schools in the municipality. The municipality of Zurgena is one of the first in the province of Almeria in having this commission in charge, among other functions, to plan the actions to be carried out in centers for the elimination of absenteeism.

Absenteeism from the Commission constituted Zurgena last week, the intervention of professionals coordinate, both educational and health when necessary, analyzing the list of disaffected students to evaluate the appropriate decisions thereon. For this, the new commission will ensure compliance with the centers in terms of communication failures by students.

As for the evaluation of the development of the different measures taken by the body to try to alleviate absenteeism in each case, track each student to know if your situation has been resolved and to what extent the initiatives implemented will be made. Councillor for Education, Lola Garcia, Commission member Truancy, He explains that "this is a pioneering initiative that has only been done so far in another municipality in the province, as is El Ejido ". The mayor of Education says that "unfortunately in Zurgena suffer a level significantly reduce absenteeism and we want to put all necessary means for that purpose, because it depends on the education of our children and the future of Zurgena ".

The measures taken by the Commission Truancy and the results thereof are subsequently transferred to the Provincial Commission. For proper monitoring of cases and their evolution, the local committee will meet on a quarterly basis, working in coordination with the Department of Education of the Andalusian.

The also member of the Commission and mayor of Zurgena, Luis Diaz, believes that "the work elbow elbow schools, City Hall and various professionals through this pioneering commission reduce levels of absenteeism in our classrooms ". Diaz has considered this as "fundamental to ensure a decent education for our young people and that will make Zurgena an example of the fight against truancy".