Microrrelatos contest to claim the return train Almanzora Lorca Baza Guadix

The Association of Friends of the Railroad District of Baza launches the first call for microrrelatos “By the turn of the train” with which it seeks a new social impetus for the reopening of the railway line Guadix Baza Lorca Almanzora, which has been closed for more than three decades. Also, given the current dramatic situation facing the railway infrastructure in the provinces of Granada, Jaén, Almería and around the southeast peninsula by extension, extends the scope of this call to the Andalusian eastern regions and even Murcia. Schools, associations and groups in different areas of society are invited to participate in this call.

Microrrelatos states that do not exceed one hundred words, include in the body of the story “Back Train” as a phrase or part of a sentence, and to be sent to the following email address vueltadeltren@gmail.com.

Collection of various microrrelatos received will be sent as a claim to the Ministry of Public Works of the Government of Spain, as well as infrastructure competition authorities of the Andalusian government and murciano.