A new course begins extraction of natural stone in the School of Marble Purposes

The conference will be held at the School of Marble.

Marble School of Fines, attached to the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE), It has launched today a new course, 'Removing Stone' in which a total of eleven students will be trained during 450 hours, 80 of them doing internships at companies, for the end of their preparation a professional certificate level 2.

Among students of the course included seven people from 30 and 45 years old, two minor 30 and two years older than 45, all men. Most have compulsory education and there are also students with Bachelor, Bachelor and Master.

The course is divided in three modules comprising formation starting natural stone blocks, of 180 hours, including primary cutting blocks of stone cutting machines with diamond wire, shearers arm and disc cutters, and drilling and despondency primary natural stone blocks.

The second module, of 80 hours, It will focus on blasting open pit, and third, of 110 hours, serve for participants to acquire knowledge and skills in cutting the primary blocks to obtain secondary blocks, subdivision of the latter for commercial blocks and derivatives and classification, measuring and marking block.

Also, students perform professional no work practices in companies in the natural stone of the area with which the School of Marble has signed cooperation agreements, during 80 hours.

The students have the right to receive scholarships and grants provided for unemployed people participating in training vocational training for employment in transport, board and lodging, and aid to reconcile their training assistance with caring for dependents children under six years or, scholarships and assistance to people with disabilities and certain groups of people unemployed established by the Andalusian Employment Service and requiring a differentiated performance to facilitate their qualification or requalification, in order to facilitate their participation in specific programs.

Training Schools, Consortia formerly called School, They were integrated into the Andalusian Employment Service under the Decree Law 5/2015. This network of the Andalusian was created in 1991 with the aim of providing vocational training for employment in highly specialized sectors relevant activity in Andalusia. They all have in common a training model based on quality training, with hands-on learning and the use of new technologies, and demand, adapted to the needs of the Andalusian productive fabric, ensuring their high levels of employability. The School of Marble Fines every year has reached a high level of employment, also having business collaboration in this region in demand of students trained there.