Encoder responde a las “lies” PP with a criminal complaint

Francisco Vazquez, CEO of Codeur.

Francisco Vazquez, CEO of Codeur.

"The Popular Party tries to bust Codeur's management"

The CEO of Codeur, Francisco Vazquez, on behalf of and on behalf of the mixed company that manages water in the municipality of Vera, has presented yesterday morning a criminal complaint against the councilors of the Popular Party, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte and Catalina Soriano, for an alleged crime of insults derived from the falsehoods and lies publicly spilled at the press conference offered last day 2 by both councilors of the PP.

For Francisco Vázquez, the two councilors of the PP have acted "with the intention of generating social alarm among neighbors and residents of the municipality of Veracruz". The CEO adds that “with the aim of insulting and belittling the company Codeur, that provides basic services in Vera such as comprehensive water management, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte and Catalina Soriano dared to say that the company had embargoed the 48% of the water, when this is totally false ".

"The safest", in the opinion of Francisco Vázquez, "It is that with this series of lies they want to cover up that the previous managers of Codeur's PP, Jose Carmelo Jorge Blanco, Mariano Estecha and Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, They are charged with the alleged crime of unfair administration of Codeur, namely, the most serious crime because it is taking advantage of the company for matters beyond the interests of said company ". "On the other hand", adds Vázquez, "Seen the ruinous disaster of Galasa, that they have no choice but to swallow and defend, and seeing that in Codeur the opposite happens, they intend to create uncertainty to get a political ‘slice’ ”. According to the CEO of Codeur, the final intention of the two Councilors of the Popular Party is to damage the image of the joint venture Codeur.