Punish the guilty but not victims.

José Luis Sánchez Teruel.

With this simple and forceful expression, that is not mine, but victims: then punish the guilty but not the victims of bona fide third parties who bought a home in our province knowing it was illegal claim to society and, We especially require political, we do what we have to do to make, in any case, who are actually victims, end up being punished as if they were guilty.

And can it be that finished punishing who is a victim? Very simple, this occurs when a trial judge, that with current laws can not do otherwise, remembers the demolition of a house, bought by those who do not know it was an illegal housing, and guilty of it does not indemnify the purchaser in good faith for whatever reason: insolvency or similar. The culprit in this case charged, took the money and flew. The victim, however, You are left homeless, because it has agreed to its demolition, and without compensation. This is happening in our country, but is hopeless.

The issue of illegal housing is a serious problem in Spain, to be solved, we are solving. Those affected are not opposed to pull the wrong done, preclude pull and stay without compensation purchasers in good faith. Clearly there are cases that have no solution, but do have the vast majority.

After many hours listening and working with stakeholders we have advanced quite. In Andalusia it is doing what it can do, Edit LOUA to address many of these problems. With the Government of Rajoy we are also working for the opposition to be whatever you do, if you like.

This week, We have agreed the Socialists in Spain raise the Popular Party and other political groups in Parliament that the reform of the Penal Code, that is currently being processed, is guaranteed to these third parties in good faith that does not carry out the demolition of housing who bought until it has assured them compensation.

We will also ask them to be a party to such proceedings, to not know about the demolition by the press or when the machines arrive to your door. Last, we will also arrange a change of state law ground in this direction to assure compensation provided. In any case, always guilty must be punished.

These changes are rather simple, commonsense, righteous, we can do, it does cost money. The solution to this problem requires millions of euros, is not a question of money, it is a question of political will, of wanting or not wanting to solve you problems people. And we do want.

Until now, the Popular Party has refused. They know this problem, from Arenas, when called himself Javier met with affected in election campaign 2012, so many of his party colleagues, without those affected to date have had any news yours.

But when they arrived the European elections was also interested in this matter the already popular MEP González Pons and the same thing happened with Javier, they have not been heard of him or his efforts.

The PP now has ample opportunity to pitch in, to put their bit, and to demonstrate political will. Until now, only been interested in the topic to be concerned about the fate of the promoter which happens to be the rogue or rascal shift, who sold a house knowing that it is unlawful, He charged them to those affected and now have to repay the amount collected; and clear, You want to escape scot. How Come? leaving demolish the house that was illegally so as not to have to compensate. It's what happens when you only care about you from crooks, not people. Enough.