Nearly three million euros for the evacuation of avenues Rambla del Algarrobo in Vera

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The Municipal Infrastructure and Services S.A Codeur. He has published in the Official Gazette of the Province of Almería (BOPA) the call for recruitment by open rolling project for flood and evacuation of the Rambla del Algarrobo in Vera, where is the Salar de Los Canos.

This contract has a total budget of 2.942.685,09 euros and an execution period of twelve months. As it explained by the Town Planning Vera, Francisco Vazquez (PA), this work is twofold since, on the one hand, It aims to channel excess water can cause "damage" in the area, as it happened "during the recent rains', while, on the other hand, it is about preserving the Salar de Los Canos 'as an area of ​​scenic interest'.

Thereby, as it indicated by the mayor, this work is intended to situations like those experienced during torrential rains of December in this and other areas of the municipality "never" reoccurrence veratense, since 'excess water' will be driven to the beach, which explains the "significant investment" meant for the project.

points, also, the project approved is agreed with the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalucía, while funds from owners of the area of ​​the coast of Vera included in the Special Plan for the development of this space ranging from "the border with Palomares to Antas river" and that, with this new action, It will be executed "above 90 percent".

According to this plan, explains the mayor veratense, the owners of the area bear the cost of its development activities related to investing proportional amounts to land they hold at a rate of 9 euros per square meter, which reaches a sum of 50 million euros for the implementation of all interventions initiated a decade ago.

Also, her company mixta Codesur S.A. It is responsible for managing this Special Plan and execute the works so it is that entity who launches the call published in the BOPA dated 3 January 2017 and approved by its Board of Directors 24 November 2106.