Brussels asks prohibit bathing in 58 Spanish beaches and rivers

Quitapellejos beach in Cuevas del Almanzora.

Quitapellejos beach in Cuevas del Almanzora.
Quitapellejos beach in Cuevas del Almanzora.

All the beaches of Almería are optimal for bathing.

The European Commission has claimed prohibit bathing in 29 beaches and 29 Spanish rivers for the poor quality of water. Of these, considers that a total of 31 They should be closed permanently by the poor quality of water in the last five years. En total, Brussels advises against bathing in 383 areas across Europe that recorded poor quality or not safe water bath 2015, of which Spain monopolizes 2,6%. Of the total of them, considered to be closed 34 (31 of which they are in Spain).

The report on the quality of water in EU 2015, published today, points out that Spain is the third country in the European Union over areas not suitable for bathing in 2015, just behind Italy and France (95 each).

The EU executive has warned in its report "significant" deterioration in the quality of bathing water 2015 compared to the previous year in Spain. "A ban permanent or permanent advice against bathing should be established in places of bathing waters classified as poor for five consecutive years", said the EU executive in its report. The other three areas for which Brussels calls for permanent closure are two in Denmark and one in Sweden.

In the case of Spain, comes to the beaches of the estuary Coruña Barrañán, Regueiro, Peralto, Area da Vila, Camelle, A Concha, Barallobre, Caranza, A Cabana, Sardineiro, Playa Santa Cruz Porto, Ber, Centroña, given Delicias, and Penaoural beach and rivers Saa Pobra Do Brollón and Ribas de Sil Sil, Lugo, Arzo Vilardevos river in Ourense and beach Arealonga, Pontevedra Redondela.

Also rivers in Castile and Leon Pelayo, Arenas de San Pedro, the throat of the river Tiétar, Tormes River in Horcajada, the river Cantos Stove and river Arlanzón, as well as the river Alberche Escalona (Castilla-La Mancha), San Antonio Beach (Biscay), the Anduña river in Ochagavia (Navarre), the Arba river of Luesia (Aragon), Pedro Chate throat in Jaraiz de la Vera (Estremadura), the Aguascebas river in Villacarrillo (Andalusia) and Cala Pedrera in Baleares.

In any case, the report notes that the "most significant '' on the quality of bathing water over the last year decline is registered in France, where 29 bathing areas are no longer suitable for bathing in 2015 of the 76 in all Europe, when just a year earlier they met at the least the minimum quality requirements.


With everything, the 87,1% beaches in Spain controlled recorded excellent water quality, above the 85,8% European and upper half of the 85,6% Registered in 2014 according to data from the report, it also reflects the number of Spanish beaches unfit for bathing waters has fallen from 37 in 2014 a 29 in 2015.

As it regards the water quality of the interior in Spain, namely, rivers and lakes, the 51,9% controlled areas had excellent quality over the 81% medium but also improves the Spanish note 2014 (49,6%). They have also been reduced 30 a 29 rivers with water unfit for bathing in Spain.

Taking into account all bathing areas, whether beaches or inland waters, "he 96% of European bathing waters they are of acceptable quality and 84% They are excellent ", He recalled the Environment Commissioner, Carmelo Vela, I judged that it "is the result of 40 years investing in infrastructure for water and wastewater "and" a sign that European legislation is working well "in light of environmental standards" high "in Europe.