Benito Zambrano will open the Film Shows Rural Almanzora Valley

The exhibition will be held in Sierro for three days you different, Cooperates organized by Almanzora and the City


Next Sunday 23 February, Sample Rural and Ethnographic Film in the Almanzora Valley will begin its second edition with a meeting with film director Benito Zambrano. The municipality of Sierro will be the stage for the development of three conferences that have as central theme the role of women in rural areas, historical memory and documentary film, with a strong presence of the works of José Carlos Castano and Lobos Eight Productions.

Adrian Manuel, Mayor of Sierro, Sample believes the Rural Cinema "is a great opportunity for cultural and tourism promotion Sierro, and we are working very intensively to revitalize the image of our people ". The City Council has played a crucial role in getting this sample is held, because from the moment he began efforts to get financing channels with which to meet the needs of a project so committed and important to a people threatened by their own lack of rural.

Programming and coordination of the sample has been carried out by Francisco Javier Fernandez Espinosa, common in the cultural efforts of the Almanzora and Project Manager of Almanzora Cooperates.



In the early years 80, Benito Zambrano started short film. She made her film debut with the film "SOLAS" (1999), movie sad tone, as realistic as lyrical, It takes place in Seville on loneliness in old age and family relationships which won several Goya Awards, among them Best Original Screenplay, Best New Director, for Best Actress for Ana Fernández, to the best revelation actor Carlos Alvarez-Novoa and the best supporting actress for Maria Galiana.

In 2002 Zambrano directed the TV series "Brave Father John", antenna emission chain 3 with the presence of Juan Diego, man he is pretending to seek justice after the murder of his son.

Andalusian director returned to the cinema with "Habana Blues" (2005), story set in Cuba with the prominence of two young musicians in Havana seeking to leave the Caribbean island to seek prosperity in Spain.

Six years later he released "The Sleeping Voice" (2011), adaptation of the book by Dulce Chacón focusing on testimonies of women from the Republican side in times of war.

His latest film "INTEMPERIE", with which he has achieved two awards Goya, tells the touching story of friendship between a boy who embarks on a journey through the desert fleeing the relentless taskmaster of the people, and a pastor who has long lived on the margins of society.