AUAN complains about delays in AFOs

Maura Hillen.

Maura Hillen.

AUAN president Maura Hillen, He has declared to be concerned about delays in granting AFOs some municipalities of Valle del Almanzora, particularly in the municipality of Cantoria. Recall that a AFO is a kind of regularization of housing, allowing the hiring of water and light, and facilitates obtaining a title deed.

Maura Hillen says "it appears that affected foreign buyers bona fide residents in Albox illegal houses are happy with the speed and professionalism of the City of Albox in processing applications for AFO.

Arboleas City Council has gone through other means, but it has also made great progress and good work for which we congratulate him, and especially its Mayor Cristóbal García”. However, that seems not the case in some other municipalities where affected who complain of long delays and apparent uncertainty in the processing of AFO, as well as the little progress in changing its overall planning. "Asked about what municipalities specifically referred, says that most Britons complain in particular the City of Cantoría where there seems to be some frustration over this issue. And there appear complaints also extend to General Plan, they say has not advanced in recent years. Maura adds that "the rules of the AFO is novel, and that is why some time ago suggested it would be good to organize a series of practical lectures on the recent legislative reforms. However, for now our suggestion has not been translated into reality, although I think it appropriate to insist on it.

The reforms promoted by the PSOE, precisely because the local executive of the PSOE in Almeria, supported by other parties, They have meant a breath of fresh air for many affected. If only this breath comes soon to all municipalities!”