AUAN reclama “an urgent solution once and for all” the illegal houses of Valle del Almanzora

Image of the meeting in Arboleas.

Image of the meeting in Arboleas.

This Day Monday 15 January, a mass meeting took place in Albanchez, convened by AUAN and residents' association Albanchez (NOW) to ask for an urgent solution and once and for all illegal houses of Valle del Almanzora, and the rest of Andalusia. The hall of the Cultural Center was packed Albanchez, having to stand many attendees. They were present not only residents of Albanchez, but also from other municipalities of Valle del Almanzora.

AUAN spokesman Gerardo Vázquez Counsel, It was one of the organizers of the meeting, and coordinated intervention of these, under the chairmanship of the table Estanislao Beltran, President turn of the residents' association Albanchez. The speakers also received Maura Hillen president AUAN; Marta Bosquet, Andalusian parliament and member of the national executive of Citizens; Francisco Ramos, Citizens provincial coordinator; Eduardo Love, urbanist lawyer; Benedict Bonil, technical architect, y Ronnie Howley, geographer urbanist. Also they attended the presentation coordinators Citizens of Cuevas del Almanzora and Albox.

At the meeting, those affected stressed the need to provide homes in settlements of a permit called AFO, that already exists for another series of homes in similar situation, for owners, they have been waiting more than 10 years for a solution to their problems, they can at least notarize them and enjoy your home with peace they expected when they acquired without knowledge of its urban ailments.

Gerardo Vazquez explains that during the meeting discussed an amendment to equip budding homes in settlements provisionally basic services for a period of 2 years old, but believes "these provisional licenses for such a short period of time, They are of little use, and certainly of no use to homes in the Almanzora Valley. I think this is the third provisional permission I have seen since 2012, and above have not worked. Nor this provisional leave provided solves the problem of lack of writing those affected, This requires an AFO. And we do not say now, as we said in the last reform, when we explained that there was a gap in it because there was an adequate solution to the settlements. That's what we urgently ask you now, plain and simple, an AFO for housing in settlements ".

Gerardo Vázquez declared "we can not continue with halftone solutions at this point. It's time to be brave and take the bull by the horns once and for all. It breaks my heart to see these elders gathered late afternoon, asking once again a solution to problems suffered unjustly. And worst of all is that many of those elderly who are no longer seen before, because they have died hoping someone had the sensitivity to solve its urban ordeal. Many have liens on their homes, as these are still the name of the promoter having economic difficulties, with great concern that this represents for these elders. It is not logical that while other houses in similar conditions are allowed to notarize, these can not, because of a Byzantine distinction between what are called parceling and those who are in settlements. The law must be fair to deserve such a name. And it has to establish practical solutions, of everyday life of people, and it is time to bring practical solutions to urban Almanzora Valley ".