ASADIPRE supports the teacher assaulted in Cuevas del Almanzora

The Association of Directors and Managers of Early Childhood Education, Primary Education and School Residences Almería (ASADIPRE) rejects and strongly condemns the attack on a teacher at the CEIP Nuestra Señora del Carmen Cuevas de Almanzora.

In a note indicate that “in the current educational reality in which all centers covered by their plans center opening to the environment and channels of participation of all sectors of the educational community, You can not understand that teachers continue to produce aggression by families”.

“these facts, in the opinion of this association, besides publicly reprehensible should be strongly punished for educational and judicial institutions so that offenders rests with the full weight of the law”.

In that regard complain that “the daily work environment coexistence through various plans and programs and the peaceful resolution of conflicts occupy much of the teaching commitment in all our schools. It is clear that despite these efforts, culture of peace and non-violence does not cross many times the school walls and sometimes; Regrettably, more than you would like, a family of our students resorts to verbal and physical violence against teachers of their child. We understand that educating people about these values ​​is the foundation for maintaining peaceful coexistence and respect for harmonious relations concerns not only the students but the entire educational community”.

“In these crucial moments in history, where unfortunately the news related violence occur in all its dimensions, futile efforts to address school, the cloisters of teachers and the vast majority of members of the educational community made, if a minority of parents who resort to violence instead of seeking a negotiated solution to resolve differences persist” claim.

Therefore, “we express our solidarity with comrade assaulted, with the School Board of the Educational Center, the Senate and other members of the educational community, CEIP Nuestra Señora del Carmen”.

The Delegation of Education supports teachers assaulted in Cuevas

From the Territorial Delegation of Education Almería we express our deepest rejection by the attack teachers of CEIP Nuestra Señora del Carmen in the town of Cuevas del Almanzora, and expressing support for the teacher assaulted and the entire educational community.

Territorial Delegate of Education Almería recognizes the work done by the group of teachers who daily, and anonymously, They perform a fundamental role in the education of our children.

From the moment we learned of the attack was launched Action protocol in the event of aggression towards teachers or non-teaching staff, the following measures:

  1. Legal assistance, as set out in Articles 11.5 and 16.2 Decree 327/2010, of 13 July, in Articles 9.5 and 14.2 Decree 328/2010, of 13 July, and the Order of 27 February 2007, for which legal assistance to teachers at all educational levels is regulated, except for the university, under the Ministry of Education, and the procedure for establishing access to the same.
  2. psychological assistance, the inspector or inspection center reference guide and inform the staff concerned and, if necessary, will arbitrate the necessary measures, so that the person concerned receives counseling, which can be articulated through one of the following modalities: either through the area to support the tutorial role of teachers and school life advice on the relevant Provincial Technical Team for Educational and Vocational Guidance, or through the intervention of external professionals, within the framework of the relevant agreements that the Ministry of Education can subscribe for this purpose.

Acts like this are an attack on all of us involved in teaching and significantly undermine coexistence in schools.

Educational participation and collaboration of all people of the Educational Community, and especially families, from a positive coexistence, how to live from healthy relationships and good treatment among students, between students and teachers and between teachers and families, son Key essential for educational success and should be a commitment by all members of the educational community.

The education, cooperation and respect is what we ask the whole society, who must defend peaceful coexistence in our schools.