Arboleas promoting a campaign to collect food and medicine for the Sahara


Thousands Saharan Africa have been left homeless and in a survival situation, as a result of the devastating floods that devastated this area. The town, residing in has been completely flooded. Thus, the last plenary meeting in the city of Arboleas addressed this situation, one of the points on the agenda.

De facto, the Consistory citizens are asked to collaborate, to the extent possible, this social cause. People interested in providing help to be deposited in the Consistory own all kinds of non-perishable food, and drugs, especially, antibiotics.

"Later, the Association of Friends of the Sahara will be in charge of getting everything donated to families affected. We call on residents to cooperate with this first collaborative action. We know enough help, but we rely on the solidarity of neighbors to achieve the greatest possible amount of food and medicine ", It has been argued the mayor, Cristóbal García.

Floods, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, have caused huge losses affecting households -of if weak- -the only shops and homes of citizens campaigns saharauis-. To this widespread loss of food and food adds, with those who had camps, that they have been washed away.

"On behalf of the government team I want to thank in advance the support of citizens. The aim of this gathering is shipping from Arboleas the greatest number of food and medicine to the thousands of victims. These people are going cold and hungry, because they have lost their belongings, housing and food. You need us now more than ever ", He noted the mayor.

Since the local authority this urgent appeal to donate non-perishable food such as is done: rice, flour, oil, sugar, vegetables, milk powder, biscuits, preserved food, inter alia. Therefore it is called citizen solidarity with the emergency situation suffered by the Saharawi people.