Arboleas will have a fifth treatment plant

Cristobal García, Mayor of Arboleas.

Cristobal García, Mayor of Arboleas.

The Mayor of Arboleas, Cristóbal García, It has announced that this week have begun construction, what will be the fifth municipal wastewater treatment plant. The new infrastructure will be located exactly in the town of Los Menchones. "With this work we closing the map of infrastructure in sewage treatment. This time, funding is provided by the Provincial Plan of Works and Services, which manages the Provincial de Almería. These, for, the first work of the Council in this legislature ", He commented the mayor. The performance has a budget of over 220.000 approximately EUR.

The government team has expressed satisfaction with the start of works highlighting the need to provide cores of these municipal sanitation infrastructure. With this new EDAR, and already makes five, service will be provided to residents living in Los Menchones and El Rulador. "Such facilities are needed for further progress in Arboleas. We have proposed develop in a balanced manner with environmental sustainability, which it is our main premise when acting. We are sure that very soon will have all these Arboleas completed infrastructure and running ", He has concluded the mayor of the City.

The primary objective of the government team is to consolidate the status of the different neighborhoods with the provision, in each one of them, of these infrastructures. Through this action as necessary are being solved such basic problems as, for example, the urban growth. Thereby, citizens who reside in the nuclei of Menchones and will have the Rulador, in the immediate future, this infrastructure, whose main mission is to improve both the quality and service of the sewerage of the town.

De otro lado, it is worth noting that the criteria have been adopted in this project are aimed at the collection through the construction of several collectors of discharges related to wastewater of different groups of households, for later debugging, by installing a new sewage treatment plant. All this will be complemented by the subsequent conduct of treated water for discharge to a public water source in adequate sanitation for reuse.