Arboleas approves Consorcio Almanzora disconnections and Galasa

Cristóbal García.

Cristóbal García.

The last plenary meeting held by the city of Arboleas addressed, as the first item on the agenda, the implementation of the protocol for disconnecting the Almanzora-Levante Consortium-Los Vélez. Following this approval and, From this moment, the corresponding communication to the president of the Consortium to be sent to inform the approval of the agreement, by the local authority. About this issue, Mayor Cristóbal García, It has been argued that: "As it had been announced a few months ago, after the Assembly in the Consortium, Judicial Judgment pursuant to appoint new representatives. And when all the shameful events that we had to endure in the mercantilism of representatives in the Consortium, to remain in power the same, by the Popular Party, We have made this decision ".

In this, The mayor added that the Consistory in use of its powers over the service and "in defense of citizens and fair play" in the management of public services has approved the agreement. Thus it will launch the protocol for disconnection of the Consortium and the City have one year later to extinguish such a relationship. The main reasons for this measure are based on economic studies for the management of the service. "For an estimated price between 10 a un 20 percent drop in the price of receipt, plus other improvements that will enhance the quality of service. The only reason and foremost is simply to defend the interests of our neighbors ", Cristóbal García noted.

At another point on the agenda it was approved to initiate the protocol for disconnecting Galasa (PP) as partners of the company and contest the statutes modified to, He clarified as the mayor, the purpose of this modification is "extraordinary powers usurp the powers of the municipalities are granted by the Local Government Act itself". With these words he added that: "You can not understand the desire to have the PP to appropriate the Municipal Services, but not to improve, but to make us hostages of them, under threat of unsustainable debts and insupportable, which optionally verify its legitimacy ".

De facto, the PSOE of Arboleas has asserted that it can not understand this model of managing public, since all that is achieved "is ruining companies". Therefore -reiteran- no people PSOE has voted in favor of this structural change. In this sense, Cristóbal García said that "we expect the PP fly to reconsider and constructive dialogue, otherwise we will start the process to leave the company. You must change attitude and respect all people equally; which it is not happening right now ".

During the plenary session it was recalled that the City Council approved tariffs "for sense of responsibility", but he asserted that the Statute will not approve on the terms set, but "if they have consented to the peoples of the PP and the Provincial de Almería".