Approved the development works and improvements Albox industrial estate investing 375.000 euros

Panoramic Industrial Estate Terdiguera of Albox.

Panoramic Industrial Estate Terdiguera of Albox.

Albox City Council has approved earmark 375.000 improtante euros for a project for improvement and development of the industrial area of ​​Terdiguera. The initiative of the Mayor's Office has been approved unanimously by all political groups of the Municipal Corporation in the plenary session last Thursday and can be sent to the Provincial de Almería this agreement for future implementation by the provincial plans that correspond to the municipality.

This is the most ambitious project that has benefited the industrial area of ​​Terdiguera virtually since its inception. The works would focus mainly on the development of some of the main streets of this industrial zone, without steely or this definciente, As with damage to its lighting and asphalting. At the same time they are carried out electrification works in this polygon, necessary for growth and proper functioning of many businesses located there.

The mayor of Albox, Small towers Francisco, He explained that "the shortcomings of the industrial estates are enormous," so recently he met with entrepreneurs who have their workplace to meet key priorities and issues to solve. Hence, the mayor added that "the most important industrial estate in the region needs more investment, but for now this is what we can invest in 2018, but we will not stop working and seeking the necessary funding to finish and have an industrial estate at the height of what deserves Albox ".

Preview form, It approved the naming of streets of the industrial estate a process that until now had not been made with South street name in the same Plenary Session extraordinary and urgent; Cerro Gordo; Central; Poniente; North; Circular and street Travesera.

The works were executed with funds from the Provincial Municipal Infrastructure Plans that correspond to the municipality of Albox for the quadrennium 2016-2019 within the annuity of the year 2018.