Andalucía normalize the situation of thousands of illegal housing with new regulations

The Andalusian Regional Government approved a decree imminently law posiblitará regularization of thousands of homes in the autonomous community, mainly settled in established centers but undeveloped land. “They will never be regularized but regular but will be standardized, with minimum services”, warning from Ministry of Public Works, Infrastructure and Planning.

It was expected that the new standard of environmental and territorial adjustment was approved at the next Governing Council on Tuesday to present to municipalities and owners what to do to regularize their properties if they meet “certain requirements”, as not being in protected area, and applying “a series of corrective measures environmental”. Decree Law, you will have to wait a few days because Tuesday is handled urgently aid for those affected by the cold drop, He also repealed two laws (of 2016 and 2018) and decree 2012 promoted by President Jose Antonio Grin and aspired to stabilize a 20.000 housing.

the exact number is not known

How many properties will now be affected by this new regulation? The Board does not get wet. “Being irregular, there is no record of them anywhere. Municipalities are those who know where they are, but not the Board”, added the sources of the Ministry. The decree law will not affect in any case all illegal housing in Andalusia, as to those that are environmentally protected floodable area or, if not “especially homes that are on developments, in settlements”, constructions cases Carmona (Seville), Almería, Cordoba and Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz), to which they may apply the regime assimilated to sort out (You) “to have the minimum services” (water supply and sanitation, electricity and waste management), point sources, who insist that the decree “assumes no coffee for everyone”.

The AFO statement also arise in cases where it was not previously acted, as in the settlements on undeveloped land, as he announced by the Board in late May, when the Governing Council agreed urge the Council to “initiate whatever actions are necessary in relation to the problem of illegal housing on rural land, until the new law is approved in urban planning and land of Andalusia”.

special plans, no general

The Board accused previous governments of PSOE “look away” in this matter during their terms. The truth is that Parliament approved in April 2018 modified by twelfth time Law on Urban Planning of Andalusia (LOUA), that date 2002, but now the PP government and citizens working on a new law “strengthen the planning powers of municipalities in approving planning instruments”, He announced the Board last May.

In this regard, Decree Law will also address the possibility that the regularization of housing comes through “special plans” instead of the general plans “it takes too much in processing”, indicate sources.

Source: Eldiario