Enlargement Health Center Macael

Authorities during the visit to the works.

Authorities during the visit to the works.

The territorial delegate Equality, Health and Social Policy, Jose Maria Martin has visited the works to expand the health center Macael, that are being executed by the City Council and to which the Board will allocate 800.000 euros. The works will allow doubling the surface and the number of queries.

During the visit, José María Martín explained that "the Ministry of Health has already paid the Macael City Council 600.000 of the 800.000 euros from the subsidy granted for the expansion of the health center ”. Martín stated that "we hope to carry out the transfer of health care to the newly built area, to be able to later carry out the rehabilitation of the current facilities and to finish with it the project of comprehensive reform and expansion of the Macael primary care center ”.

The Macael Health Center currently serves a population of 6.342 users. It has 600 square meters, in which four Family Medicine consultations are distributed, one of Pediatrics, another of Nursing, an extraction room, an ER consultation and the admission and services area.

In 2016, in its facilities have been attended 33.603 Family Medicine consultations, 4.894 Pediatrics and 20.363 of nursing. In the emergency room, more than 12.700 emergencies.

The expansion and reform works will provide a center with 1.602 square meters, in which an area for the care of adult patients will be distributed, with 10 consultations, four diagnostic rooms, an extraction room and a dental office. The Pediatrics area will have two other consultations and independent waiting rooms.

The Minor Surgery area will have a consultation, treatment room and separate waiting module. The Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy service will have a consultation, Rehabilitation room, Electrotherapy room, changing rooms and toilets for patients and professionals.

Macael users will also have a health education room at their disposal, with storage and changing rooms, in which health education workshops will be held, talks, group therapies, etc.. The dependencies of the future center will be completed with an office for the social worker, a library and boardroom, management offices, bio-sanitary waste room, general warehouse and support and maintenance services.

Committed to improving the primary care network

The Board has made a firm commitment in recent years to expanding and improving the primary care network, to improve your accessibility. From 2012 have been launched 12 new primary care centers in the province of Almería, with a global investment of more than 10,5 million: Los Gallardos, Abrucena, Canjáyar, Gádor, Vega de Acá (Almería), The Norias (El Ejido), Llano del Espino (Albox), Fines, The Viso (The Mojonera), San Isidro (Nijar), Vera and La Mojonera.