Healthy love, a project to prevent gender violence in the adolescent population of Almanzora

training workshop in Macael.

training workshop in Macael.

Women's associations, Secondary Schools and Civil Guard collaborate in the formative project of AMI in the Almanzora

Women's associations Macael, Cantoria and Olula del Río have come together to make the project formative Healthy Love, for the prevention of gender violence directed mainly to the adolescent population of the Almanzora. Through workshops designed to teach identify violence and pursued distinguish love. The plan funded by the Andalusian Women's Institute is developing in secondary schools Rosa Navarro Olula del Río, Cantoria Almanzora Valley and Juan Rubio Ortiz de Macael collaboration with the Civil Guard, specific, Sergeant Antonio López Romero de Macael.

Women's associations Francisca Cuellar Olula del Río, Macandeu, and Al-Ayon Macael and the Valley of Cantoria based on the idea that if love and relationships of control and violence are well distinguished, They offer tools to prevent abuse and also to have better relationships, healthier relationships and better for the couple. "If we have learned from our childhood sexism, Why not learn equality?”, He explains the union representative associations, Simon Davinia.

Through various dynamic symptoms of insane love is identified as jealousy, the control, isolation, harassment, disqualification, humiliation, the threats, emotional blackmail, emotional indifference, pressure and sexual neglect. Faced with the myths of romantic love workshops propose alternative healthy love characterized by different visions of love, mutual respect, freedom, the independence, the autonomy, responsibility, empathy, equality or assertive communication, affected, compression, inter alia.

The training provided by the project will strengthen ideas and concepts such as androcentrismo, the male chauvinism, feminism, the gender, empowerment, stereotypes, Gender roles, sexism, sexual orientation. The workshops will cultivate social skills that enable all people equally relate, as knowing accept people unconditionally and without intent to change, asking for help, empathize, ask for forgiveness, negotiate, express complaints and receive, say no and not be swayed by opinions contrary to their own criteria.

More information; Project Coordination. Simon Davinia; 635 49 25 27