IES Alto Almanzora students participating in the competition 'My homeland, my people, my traditions’

IES students Alto Almanzora in Almería Provincial Council.

IES students Alto Almanzora in Almería Provincial Council.

A group of students from IES Alto Almanzora participates in the International Competition 'My homeland, my people, my traditions’, for what have the cooperation of the Office of Europe Direct Economic Promotion and Employment of the Diputación de Almería. Young people have visited the provincial institution, where they could share their concerns and knowledge facing the development of the questionnaires submitted to the contest.

With this initiative, the Provincial de Almería, As it revealed in a statement, It aims to promote cultural exchange among the participants in this contest, from four different countries of the European Union, on various topics related to science, the art, creativity, culture and tradition of their hometowns.

The 60 Contest participants' My homeland’ They will conduct questionnaires writing their own questions in a questionnaire, which will enrich the activities they will perform, consisting workshops, role plays, outdoor activities, roundtables and other learning methods. During the meeting, Deputy Economic Development and Employment, Carmen Belén López, He wished them luck and encouraged them to continue to participate in these activities with those who know more Europe.

Lopez stressed that “It is not the first time that students of IES Alto Almanzora participate in our projects. Before this project, They have been part of other initiatives, such as online 'Euroscola 2016' contest. Now they give the international jump and will participate in this competition with young people from UK, Poland, Latvia and Spain, which we hope to have fun and learn a lot and that this initiative will encourage other youth in the province to participate in activities organized from Europe Direct”.

IES students Alto Almanzora in Almeria participate in the competition 'My homeland, my people, my traditions’


Next 9 May, to commemorate Europe Day, the County Council will celebrate the day 'Broadening skills, we grow with Europe ', in which they participate more than 200 Students from across the province of Almería.

An appointment with the council closer to young almerienses the tools and opportunities that the institution offers to embark on the European adventure.

Source: EPress