Almuzara presents The Eunuch of Timbuktu, Antonio Llaguno.


The epic of the Spanish military who conquered the Kingdom of the Black.

The Eunuch of Timbuktu, edited by Almuzara, It is a historical novel that tells the epic Judar Pasha. The military and explorer morisco español, Diego de Guevara, that born in Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería) in the middle of the 16th century and died in Marrakech in 1605, managed to conquer the Kingdom of the Negroes.

An unprecedented epic, framed within a historical framework of difficult coexistence between the Moors and the old Christians of the old kingdom of Granada, that comes to the author of this novel, Antonio Llaguno, through René, a Frenchman born in Rabat who inherited from his father, archaeologist by profession, a chest that he found in a tomb that kept several manuscript files containing the chronicles that Yuder Pachá dictated to a scribe during his captivity.

"My job, for, has been limited to the ordering and translation of the manuscripts found ", comments Antonio Llaguno, who recognizes that "the true authors of this kind of autobiography of Yuder Pachá are himself and the characters that accompany him in his eventful life."

The kidnapping of a Christian child perpetrated by Berber pirates who is castrated and turned into a Yuder Pachá marks the beginning of a documented and exciting novel that describes life in Marrakech in profusion of detail, the court of the sultans, their customs, political alliances and intrigues, diplomacy; the licentious life of the harem and the love affair.

Also, narrates the battle of the Three Kings in Alcazarquivir, a contest that decided the future of Portugal, Spain and Morocco and in which the figure of Yuder Pachá had a prominent role, that has allowed his memory to survive the centuries to reach us.

The Eunuch of Timbuktu is, ultimately, an essential novel to understand the history of al-Ándalus, as well as the influence it had, above all, in the city that gives title to this novel, Timbuktu, the richest capital, beautiful and mysterious of the Sahara, at first impregnable thanks to its vast desert, until a military genius, the Almerian Yuder Pachá, managed to conquer it for the Sultan of Marrakesh, a feat that is still studied in military academies.

Llaguno Antonio Rojas (Almería, 1955) He has a degree in Psychology. He completed higher studies in Medicine and Philosophy, and he was mayor of Cuevas del Almanzora (Almería) for twelve years, and Secretary General of Environmental Policies of the Ministry of the Environment for eight.

He is vice president of the Mahmud Kati Foundation and representative in Spain of the Timbuktu Kati Funds. From 1988 has been linked to Timbuktu and the ethnic group of the Arma, some of whose representatives he brought to Andalusia to know his homeland of origin.

He has been a spokesperson for the reality and needs of the population of the Niger curve and Timbuktu before the Andalusian administration, promoting humanitarian aid or making it possible for the Junta de Andalucía to build a library in Timbuktu to house the Kati Fund.

Writer in numerous specialized magazines, national and international clinical psychology, Social and Environmental Psychology, is co-author of the bookNatural resources and environment of Cuevas del Almanzora (1993) and The conquest of Timbuktu, published by Almuzara in 2006.