Almería increases this year one 5% production of olive oil, and 224% the volume of exports until March.

Italy buys almost the 75% sales of Almeria mills abroad in the first quarter.

The campaign 2013-2014, the olive sector has achieved Almería 52,8 million kilos of olives, a 2,9% more than the previous season, have generated a production of about 10 million kilos of oil, 5,5% than in the previous season, according to the Department of Research and Statistics the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment.

This crop oil, between January and March, between January and March, the Almeria mills, in 47 trade, have been exported 531.000 kilos of olive oil, representing an increase of 224,4% compared to the first quarter 2013. The turnover of these sales abroad amounted ae province billed 1,26 million, almost 154% more than in the previous year, according to data compiled by Extenda from the last report Estacom.

Italy is the main destination of olive oil exported from Almería, in the first quarter of this year has acquired three quarters of sales outside the province, as the territorial delegate of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment, José Manuel Ortiz. Specifically, in this period has acquired product worth 947.000 euros (the 74,7% of total). The second best customer is Switzerland (9,8%); third, Poland (3,7%), and then, with lower percentages, Mexico, Andorra, Germany, Dominican Republic, Japan and the U.S..

A 5,5% More oil this year

The campaign 2013-2014, Almeria province dedicated to growing olives 19.908 hectares of olive groves, a 0,3% more than in the previous season. This surface, 82 hectares correspond to the olive grove of olive table, and other, of the olive oil mill. Most of the olive groves of the province is irrigated (13.000 hectares)

The olive harvest has been promoted to 52,8 million kilos, a 2,9% more than the previous season. As for the production of oil, It was around 10 million kilos (9,9 million), which represents 5,5% more, increase is explained by the increased production, as the performance (Oil production in relation to the olive), which has been the 19,3%, a 2,6% more than in the previous season.