Almería has lost more than 5.000 government jobs in the last four years


Almeria province has suffered a loss of 5.000 public employment since 2011, according CSIF and once consulted, among other sources, the National Register of Personal. So, around a 31,5 percent of this overall figure belongs to the temporary or interim staff has also stopped hiring in the last four years.

by sector, one of the hardest hit is the Local Government, since the decline is accounted effective in the near 3.000 workers, about 800 of them temporary. In the same vein, Since the year 2010 It has not submitted a Public Offer of Employment in the sector. According to CSIF, the figure is unfortunate despite attempts that were experienced slight improvement in late 2014 and early 2015, on the occasion of the municipal elections and by extension to the implementation of municipal hiring plans as the Youth Employment for children 30 years old, inter alia.

Followed by the health sector with a decrease in staff 728 public employees in the province. The Public Offer of Employment in the sector has convened seven years without, particularly since 2009, and despite resolved one now in this 2015, The offer is trivial and totally inadequate. Low in the informal sector are replaced, deaths or post changes.

The education sector is another major decimated in Almería and we're talking about a loss of about 400 teachers, of which about a 40 percent would be temporary or interim staff. While it is true that have been convened public jobs, They have been well below the real needs of the province, taking into account that have not been covered casualties or retirements, and the opening of new centers and that Almeria is one of the Spanish provinces which has the highest birth rate.

As for the General Administration of the Junta de Andalucía, CSIF estimated to have lost around 230 Public jobs in the province, of which just over 120 It would be civil servants and labor and a 110 hiring temporary staff.

In this respect and focused on the workforce, the regional administration has not called jobs from 2007. On the other hand, Transfers the last contest was held in 2011 and it was resolved in January 2013, not to mention the low and irregular internal promotion. Yet as it has been reported and the Junta de Andalucía, the OPE of 2015 will be released in the last quarter of 2016. As personnel officer, the last contest transfers occurred in 2011 and it was resolved in 2013, fact that breaks the law, since they must be convened every three months. Recent internal promotion were carried out in 2013 and they have not yet been resolved and late 2015, It took place last OPE, which has 540 places for free access, internal promotion and disabled group Andalusia, a silly figure that does not meet the real needs of the region.

Finally, centric data regarding the General State Administration, Almería has experienced a decline in 211 public employment, about 150 and other fixed 60 time since 2011, although figures from the National Registry of Employment suggest that, in 2015, only it registered a loss of two jobs. As for the Justice Sector, CSIF appreciates that Almería has endured a loss of effective means Centener.

Similarly, the private enterprise sector is also postulated as one of the major concerns of the union in the province, which it has gone from an unemployment rate that was about 23.000 unemployed in the year 2008, Crisis just beginning, the more than 80.000 current. The numbers predominantly affect youth employment rate of around 50 percent, superlative deterioration in working conditions and poor and new hires and economic inequality that causes discomfort and a dangerous social imbalance, judgment of CSIF, this province can not tolerate or permit.