Almería exports natural stone worth almost 155 million in the first quarter of 2020

Marble quarry in Macael.

Andalusia has reached a new record in sales abroad of natural stone and its derivatives, which has starred in Almería, with 155 million euros exported in the first quarter of 2020, its historical maximum for the first three months of a year since there are comparable records (1995), thanks to a growth in 14% with respect to the same period of 2019. Thereby, Almería with the 99% of Andalusian exports is configured as a leading province.

Thereby, the community reinforces its leadership in exports of natural stone and derivatives in Spain, with more than half of national sales (55%), well ahead of the following, Valencian Community (14,2%) and Catalonia (13,5%), according to data fromExtend Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion, entity dependent on the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior.

The CEO of Extenda, Arturo Bernal, stressed the national and international role of the natural stone sector in Andalusia, “Which has once again set a record record abroad thanks to Almería's commitment to quality and creativity, leader in sales with almost all exports ”.

In this sense, he highlighted the significant figure for the quarter that “confirms the good performance of the sector, since the historical data reached in the full year of 2019, where Andalusia, with 624 million euros of exports of natural stone and related, grew a 25,1% and it also remained a leader with more than half of national sales ”.

Record-breaking quarter and year

During the first quarter of this year, exports multiplied imports by twenty-two, with a favorable trade balance that reflects a surplus of 148 million euros and a coverage rate of 2.248%, superior in 1.970 points to the national (278%). Also, Andalusian growth (14%) was superior to the national (7,1%) in 6,9 points.

These positive data for the first three months of the year are derived from the good figures of 2019, which was also a record in exports, and what presented, also, a trade balance that recorded 603 million surplus and a coverage rate of 2.873%, 2.603 points greater than the national, since foreign sales multiplied imports by twenty-nine. Also, the annual growth of Andalusia from 25,1% surpassed that of Spain in 14,5 points (10,6%), to maintain Andalusia as a leading community with the 55% about the sales.

Exported Products

The products exported by Andalusia in this chapter include marble, travertine, alabaster, granites, Cement manufacturing, concrete, ceramics and carved stone and artificial stone.

Thereby, Andalusian sales in the first three months of March 2020 are led by cement manufactures, concrete and artificial stone with the 75% of total (117 million) and a growth of 9,9%, followed by the elements corresponding to the other ceramic articles (except porcelain) with 33 million (21,1% of total) and an increase of 24,6% regarding the first three months of 2019. Later, the granites are located, marbles and travertines.

Also, in the full year of 2019 the figures reached, in the case of cement manufactures, concrete or artificial stone, the 491 million euros (79% of total) and increased 26,4% about 2018; The other ceramic manufactures (except porcelain) with 110 million (17,6% of total) and an improvement of 28,6%. With a lower percentage and decrease in sales, granite was located (7,5 million) an -8,4% and the marble and travertine (5,4 million), an -31,2% less.

Almería leader with all sales

Almería, with the 99% about the sales, is the absolute protagonist in the period from January to March 2020 with growth of 14,2% until 154 million, just like in the full year of 2019 where registered 618 million (99% of total) and a growth of 25,5% with respect to 2018.   

After Almería, in the quarter of 2020 exported in this order: Seville worth 641.000 euros with a rise of 3,4%, growth that has been maintained since the year 2019, when it was also the second exporting province and registered 2,4 million (+28,4%/18); and Cadiz, what sold, from January to March 2020, worth of 214.000 euros, an increase of 5,8% compared to the first quarter of 2019, and that it remains in the same position as in the year 2019 (1,8 million euros and a rise in +79%/18).

USA: main recipient of natural stone

Between January and March 2020, The United States was the main recipient of Andalusia's natural stone with 71 million (46% of total) and an increase in sales of the 37% compared to the first quarter of 2019. Secondly, is located UK (14,7 million) with just the 9,5% of the total and a slight decrease in 1,9%; and in third position is Canada (6,5 million) with the 4,2% of the total and an increase of 37%, the largest of the top eight markets.

In fourth position is France (5,2 million and a drop in 8,2%); followed by Germany (5 million), which registers a growth of 18,2% in fifth place. Highlights, among the top ten markets, the rise in sales to Pajos Countries, in ninth position, an 43% until 3,5 million

The United States thus maintains the leadership of 2019 year in which he bought natural stone and related products from Andalusia for a value of 284 million (46% of total) an increase of 50%. Secondly, and in the same position of the quarter, is UK with 73 million (11,7% of total) and an increase of 8,1%; followed by Canada (24,4 million) with a rise of 10,5%

Twice as many regular exporting firms

A total of 233 Andalusian exporting companies starred in 2019 community sales, a 40% more than ten years ago. Also, the number of regular exporting companies (more than four years in a row exporting) was 76, what it means, from 2010, an increase in 95%, almost folding the register.  Of these Andalusian companies, from Almería exported in 2019 total 60, a 15,4% rather than 2010; and the Almería regulars were counted last year 36, a 64% more than in the last decade.

Extenda and the marble

Extenda has been developing for years a strategy to support the internationalization of the sector coordinated with EEA regarding its design, dimension, execution and target markets. That is why the `Marble Ambassadors´ initiative and the promotion of the ´Macael Brand´ in the USA., they are part of activities included in the agreement signed between the Andalusian Government and EEA for the development of the sector.

The last action held together with EEA and the sector was the 'X International Natural Stone Meeting' that took place in November 2019 en Macael (Almería). The appointment recorded 104 Business interviews between twelve Andalusian companies and nine international operators from five countries. Also, the Government delegate was present, Maribel Sanchez.