Albox publish the agenda of the Mayor, income of the Corporation and details of contracts.

Albox City Council already has a Disclosure Committee recently formed after the support received by this socialist proposal by all political formations of the Corporation. This body is composed of professionals and representatives of various groups in the municipality as education or business. With the establishment of the Transparency Committee Albox City Council opens "a new era starring access of all citizens to all every type of municipal information and the participation of residents in municipal management", Roger described Mena, Mayor albojense.

From the team Socialist Government commitment to transparency and legality is remembered. As advanced the mayor of Albox in plenary in which a package of measures adopted transparency, Rogelio Mena has again noted that "will be made available to the prosecution any records, affect the party that affect, you may have any questions of legality ".

The Transparency Committee will focus on the development of the five areas of transparency that are evaluated in the non-governmental organization Transparency International (TI) and are the members Information, income and expenses of the Municipal Corporation; the relationship with citizens and society; Economic and financial transparency Hall; Transparency in the procurement of services and transparency in urban planning and public works.

In this sense, the albojense mayor said that during the year 2013 Hall did not perceive anything in wages and social security and performed 12 trips to Seville 19 to Madrid to take steps including meetings with the Andalusian and Gestagua for the arrival of water quality issues and the opening of the Center for Water and Health are, Safety municipality, payment of subsidies and the solution of the problem of illegal urban households. Other displacements occurred Ermua to meeting with the mayor to work on the twinning of the two municipalities. Regarding the information from the rest of the Corporation, the opposition group received for attendance at Plenary and Commissions 14.160 euros but 5.500 euros for the PP.

"We have nothing to hide, our hands are clean, but these initiatives also avoid false accusations, something for which we have also come to justice ", indicated Rogelio Mena. With the implementation of these initiatives the City of Albox is at the head transparency measures, participation and information to citizens as a sign of their commitment to the demands of citizens and the obligations of politicians.