Albox gives way to an audit, the creation of a Committee on Transparency and Ombudsman.

The City of Albox will become one of the political administrations of the most innovative province on transparency and public information through the battery of measures supported yesterday in plenary throughout the municipal corporation. The Mayor, Rogelio Mena, reported in the session on the proposals submitted by the Socialist Group, consisting of conducting an external financial audit of City Hall, creating a Disclosure Committee consisting of representatives of various local groups and the appointment of an Ombudsman. "Our goal is to make official philosophy of maximum transparency in this City with actions that this entails. The will of this government team has been, is and will always be greater transparency regarding the management of the economy ", explained the Mayor about initiatives

To dispel doubts, respond to the demands of citizens and to be well informed albojenses, Albox City Council has begun the process to commission an external audit to examine the financial management of the City for the past 20 years old. "If there is any irregularity shall be communicated immediately to the appropriate judicial authority ', Rogelio Mena announced. Along with the audit, in regular plenary yesterday announced the future creation of a platform on the website to expose the necessary data derived from the various areas of City Hall

Transparency Committee

In this presented another measure showing clear commitment to transparency of the City of Albox such as Transparency Committee. "Transparency and accountability, good governance and public ethics govern any public action. Only when the actions of public officials is screened and know how public money or handled under what criteria you act, we can speak of a critical society, demanding and participatory ", Socialist spokesman explained, Matías García.

The Transparency Committee will organize and propose the necessary measures for the implementation of a municipal strategy of transparency and good governance. This step will be as directed by the global NGO Transparency International. It will seek information about the Municipal Corporation, relations with citizens, economic transparency, transparency in hiring and in urban planning and other areas.

The Socialist Party spokesman, Matías García, explained that "for citizens to have clear what you do with your money" has proceeded to create an entity formed not by politicians, but by neighbors prestigious professional level to have access to all information requiring municipal services. The Commission shall attest to management that takes place in different areas of the City of Albox and all the conclusions he draws will be made public so that citizens know. It shall be composed of the director of IES Martín García Ramos, Small towers Francisco; Director of IES Cardinal Cisneros, José Maldonado; el abogado Alfredo faecal; President of the association of entrepreneurs in Albox (AEPA), Martin Martos; Jose faecal, Head of Human Resources at City Hall; Luis Francisco Gómez, Area Chief Secretary of the Consistory; Miras José Carrasco, former mayor and former provincial deputy and Eva María Cano, Secretary Hall.


Last, with regard to the package of unprecedented transparency in the history of the City Council so far, Mayor Rogelio Mena announced the third motion presented by the PSOE consistent in creating the figure of the Ombudsman. A fee has fallen in the person of Antonio Alfonso Fernández, with a long history and associative activist, and aims to be "channel of dialogue, study and monitoring of the problems experienced by citizens before the Municipal Administration ". The defender of citizenship shall work independently and objectively, investigating and resolving cases initiated ex officio and complaints to citizen petition, without instructions from any authority and fulfilling their duties with autonomy.

"It's about bringing a set of initiatives for the sake of absolute transparency. It is an important day in advance freedoms and rights. That is the goal of this government team that is permanently involved in defending the interests of all albojenses and especially with the truth as flag, no one made subject to partial or subjective judgments that could have other interests than those of transparency ", summarized Rogelio Mena.

The City of Albox is placed with the approval of these measures as one of the government with transparency policies, participation and information to citizens most innovative and committed to the needs of citizens and the obligations of policymakers.