Albox celebrates the flowering of the almond trees with a cultural week

Almendros flower, the Rambla de Oria.

Almond Blossom, the Rambla de Oria.

The almond blossom pink and stained different areas of the municipality of Albox forming a spectacular landscape and unique. The flowering almond anticipate the arrival of spring, when winter is not over yet, and are a true symbol of identity albojense as well as one of its main tourist attractions. Therefore the City of Albox, through the Department of Culture and Tourism, He has organized for this year's 'Cultural Week Almendro' to accompany the traditional route of Sendero Almond Blossom Sunday 5 March.

The four workshops graruitos one enjoyed the hiking trail organized by the association are albojenses and the city of Albox be taught and runs through the most beautiful landscapes pink Township. A total of four workshops will be held during the month of March and will be completely free. The cultural week will be released on Monday, day 6 March, with 'Cooking workshop traditional almond alfajores'. The culinary event will take place at the restaurant La Parilla, to 18.00 hours. In this place the 'Workshop almond modern kitchen' will be held on Tuesday, day 7 March, to 18.00 hours. A unique opportunity to learn and correct use of this precious tasty local products.

Another workshop will be offered for free will be the 'Mask for hair and almond facial scrub soap'. People interested will have to go to the Plaza Mayor on Thursday, day 9 March, starting at 18.00 hours. However, this initiative will end on 10 March with the 'Workshop facial and body soap and almond almond bloom', which will also be held at the Plaza Mayor to 18.00 hours.

The 'Cultural Week Almendro' promotes the preservation of customs and traditions as unmistakable symbol of the town. "Building as part of this tree flowering, residents and visitors can enjoy a festive conference that revolves around the almond, its flower, its fruit and its derivatives. This year we have organized a loaded free workshops for all those who want to learn more week ", He commented Councilwoman Culture, Aurora Cerdán.

In this, the mayor of Tourism, Maura Hillen, He said that "we hope to gather as many people during these days in our municipality to participate in the workshops scheduled and that, also, enjoy this natural spectacle that gives us the landscape ".

This year, Albox hold a real party flowering almond tree with a cultural week that traditional hiking trail adds; a celebration that pays tribute to nature and provides a beautiful picture these days in the city with almond blossom. From the day 6 to the 10 March, all interested persons may participate in the workshops scheduled.