Albox lower vehicle tax one 12% for passenger cars and 22% truck

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Albox neighbors will this year 200.000 more euros in their pockets. It is money thanks to lower vehicle tax referred to in the Municipal Budget will save 2017 approved at the last plenary. Finance Councilman, Tito Carrillo, This was announced albojenses noting that "they will pay much less for their cars and trucks". Specifically, vehicles "will pay a 12% less than last year and lorries A 22% less". A measure affecting directly and positively to the economy of all households but will also have a big impact on a municipality where the economic activity of transportation is a fundamental economic pillar, thus supporting the entire sector.

En total, the Municipal Budget 2017 it is from 8.430.000 euros. In the accounts it is expected to increase revenue through recovery from the City of the collection service, which it will be located in the municipal offering greater ease neighbors to both the payment and to move physically with any questions.

Investments and works

The investment is another chapter to consider within Budget 2017. This chapter highlights the case 100.000 euros for the improvement and street paving and money focused on the construction and improvement of buildings and municipal services. This paragraph highlights the new Casa de la Cultura, the planned rehabilitation of the Convento de las Monjas, the expropriation of land for the expansion of the fairgrounds and green area of ​​Avenida America and other improvements to be made by Provincial Plans. This way has requested the construction of the building of the Conservatory and School of Music in Albox, a sports court for the district of Las Tejeras, the expansion of the Center for Water and Health and a bicycle path from school Velázquez to the Municipal Cemetery that promotes pedestrian safety on this stretch.

As for other chapters, that of staff remains a drop in the 4% about 2015 and also low current costs resulting telephony and energy efficiency, inter alia.

For the council of finance "these budgets together everything that is asked a public responsibility. Realistic expenditures and revenues, that addresses the reality of the people, Albox allowing further growth by addressing the most important needs for albojenses ". The mayor of Albox, Small towers Francisco, He stressed "the harmony and agreement among members of a strong team of government to move forward with accounts which will make our town continues to grow while services and equal opportunities for all albojenses are improved".