Albox will host a traditional fair won the 1 November by the European Heritage Days

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The Junta de Andalucía has presented Thursday to develop activities on the occasion of the European Heritage Days, which this year has as thematic heritage and nature, among which is a traditional historical cattle fair, to be held 1 November in Albox.

The conference, that emerged in 1985 to sensitize the public about the importance and richness of its cultural heritage and to enhance its recognition and safeguarding, held this year 2017 with the theme "Heritage and Nature: a landscape of possibilities', in order to influence the knowledge of the assets included in the nature and condition in the medium.

As he explained by the Board in a note, scheduling visits offer, tours and special activities for the province and the capital Almeria, to be held during the month of October, with the aim of Almeria heritage visible and more accessible to all citizens.

working sessions will be conducted at the archaeological site of Los Millares, at the Museum of Almeria or the Visitors Center of the Amoladeras, Parque Natural del Cabo de Gata-Nijar. They have also organized tours around using water including heritage almeriense sources, cisterns, irrigation channels and wells as called Wind and water in the Natural Park Cabo de Gata, the water route in the Rivera de los Molinos, the route of reservoirs in the municipality of El Ejido or the water route in the Monumental Alcazaba.

The territorial delegate of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Junta in Almería, Alfredo Valdivia, It stressed that the archaeological sites are exceptional places to understand the relationship between “heritage and nature”, since the choice of a particular settlement or abandonment “It is largely determined by environmental factors such as water or access to certain resources such as archaeological sites of Los Millares or Villaricos, on the Mediterranean coast.

It has also been referred to coat with paintings of the Cave of the signs and factories Roman cured as preserved in the archaeological site door Almeria, Torregarcía on the beach or in the archaeological site of Villaricos Cuevas de Almanzora, that emerged closely linked to a territory and a particular landscape.

Source: EuropaPress