EEA and ConsultoresGM sign an agreement that provides a discount on their services to associated companies


The association of entrepreneurs of the marble of Andalusia, and Almeria company ConsultoresGM, specialized in the field of compliance with the Organic Law of Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and the Law Society Services of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), They have recently signed a cooperation agreement, whereby companies associated with EEA, They may benefit from a discount on their services.

The president signed between EEA, Antonio Sanchez Tapia and managing partner of ConsulotresGM, Ginés Martínez Balastegui has come out in EEA, during an information day that the association has organized itself to publicize their associated services company.

The second session was given by Isabel Gomez Garcia, ConsuloresGM attorney where the criminal liability of companies was treated, after the entry into force of the reform of the Penal Code last 1 July, in which both SMEs and larger companies will be "criminally responsible" if they have committed offenses "in their name or on behalf of these", either directly or indirectly. In some cases, the system of sanctions may even end in the dissolution of the company.

By signing the agreement, Company ConsultoresGM, plans to visit each of the partner companies, to collect data and produce a report on the needs for companies to adapt to the rules regulating the LOPD.