Subscribers over 484.000 euros in payroll arrears to employees of the School of Marble

Facade of the headquarters of the School of Marble Andalusia.

Facade of the headquarters of the School of Marble Andalusia.

The Andalusian, through the Department of Enterprise, Employment and Trade, He has ordered the payment of salaries in arrears to 19 employees of the School of Marble Andalusia (MOTHER), located in Fines, prior to his transfer as workers SAE, process that took place in November 2015.

Specifically, as they have indicated to Europa Press sources of the Regional Administration, at the end of the whole process started ago “few days” They will have been paid 484.044,58 euros in arrears payroll. “They have already claimed the 85 percent of workers and elr this will make in the coming days”, They have stated from the Board.

In the center they are currently working 16 of the 19 Employees who are owed wages –including the managing director–, so that most of them were pending payment of a 15 payroll and two extra payments.

Training Schools, Consortia formerly called School, They were integrated into the Andalusian Employment Service under the Decree Law 5/2015 and, in six months, the Department of Employment, And Trade Company completed the process of integration of ten centers, having articulated programming and methodology to give continuity to the training offer.

In this, it is recalled that the Andalusian has convened three new courses for 45 students, they begin teaching in February 2017. Training activities are focused on specialties 'Development of natural stone', 'Placement of natural stone’ and 'crafts and restoration of natural stone', for each 15 students. The registration period for the first two ended this Wednesday and lasts until the third 16 January.

This December, 30 trainees have completed two specialty courses 'Auxiliary operations in processing plants and processing natural stone and ore beneficiation and rock', with which the School of Marble Fines resumed training activity.

This network of the Andalusian was created in 1991 with the aim of providing vocational training for employment in highly specialized sectors relevant activity in Andalusia. They all have in common a training model based on quality training, with hands-on learning and the use of new technologies, and demand, adapted to the needs of the Andalusian productive fabric, ensuring their high levels of employability.