7 Almería schools are involved in a study on education and homophobia

Part of the study by the Rainbow Association in Andalusia

The 17 May 1990 the OMS (World Health Organization) He removed homosexuality from the list of mental illnesses. Coinciding with this event, internationally recognized as a day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, RAINBOW Andalusian Federation publishes biannual report on progress in respect for sexual diversity in education Andalusian.

The report 2017, qualified “Education and Sexual Diversity in Andalusia: the path of fear Love”, It has taken into account group workshops, anonymous questionnaires and personal interviews conducted in more than 100 institutes and colleges of 8 provinces with the participation of more than 10.000 primary and secondary of the autonomous community. In the province of Almeria the study has taken into account the activities carried out in 7 schools: 5 secondary and 2 primary with the participation of around 1.100 students 5 Municipalities: Almería, Cuevas de Almanzora, El Ejido, Macael and Vera.

The study includes statistical data on levels of acceptance and confidence in the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities. Rainbow's report shows a significant improvement in attitudes and knowledge of students compared to the previous made public by the federation in 2015. Especially it has improved the acceptance of sexual diversity, visibility bisexuality, knowledge of intersexual and pansexual terms and support for transsexuals under.

Rainbow for these data reveal unprecedented jump has Andalusian society: “In 2017 more than 90% of the students naturally accept sexual diversity. Certainly for this they have influenced legal changes, generational changes, visibility on social networks and media, the involvement of teachers and families and action activist pro-LGBT organizations such as Rainbow”, says Gonzalo Serrano, Federation president.

Despite the apparent improvements the study shows that “fagot” insult remains the most used in Andalusian patio institutes. Rainbow Federation proposes faculty exhibitions, posters and workshops continue sensitizing, encourage the use of inclusive language and further improve acceptance levels.


When asked if they would keep the friendship with her best friend if I told you she's a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, for the first time in the history of Andalusia the acceptance rate exceeds 90% among secondary school pupils. In the report 2015 only touched the 75%.

Gonzalo Serrano this as significant progress has to do with the generational change lived in institutions and with the approval of marriage equality ago 12 years old, in June 2005: “In 2017 the first generation born in the XXI century and drink as students at all levels of secondary education in Andalusia. This is a generation whose childhood has been developed in the normality of the existence of homo families in many schools, but mostly, the visibility of LGBTI people in social media and communication networks”. for Serrano “Rainbow Revolution will 'series’ in the minds of the first generation born in the XXI century”.

Regarding bisexuality, until recently a taboo subject also in schools, from the federation show that for the first time this course have met openly bisexual students in almost all institutes that participated in this study. “This is especially bisexual girls”, apostillan from the federation.

As for knowledge of sexual diversity by students from the federation discussed as a sign of progress that in all the centers visited I have found students who previously knew the term intersex. Regarding sexual orientations most students already know the pansexual, asexual terms, While not recognize the word demisexual. Regarding gender identities, nor the terms and non-binary gender-yet known, referring to people who do not fit into the duality man or woman, but also they begin to make themselves visible in the centers.

Finally in relation to students, this course have witnessed the creation of groups in over Rainbow 50 schools in Andalucía. It is self-managed by student groups who continue awareness in their schools after receiving a workshop by teachers Andalusian Federation activists Rainbow. Thanks to the support of these groups a large number of boys and girls have found this course the strength to get out of the closet in their environment and continue the chain-respect-visibility equality, which it is the strategy to corner Rainbow homophobia.


From Rainbow believe that these developments are also related to the approval last year of the Second Plan for gender equality in education in Andalusia finally it includes sexual and family diversity among its contents and is mandatory in public schools.

For the first time makes 1 year, and within the framework of this plan, a lot of training centers have organized the Teacher training courses and workshops on transsexuality and sexual diversity in collaboration with entities pro-lgbti. “Now most of the Andalusian teachers feel that promoting respect for sexual diversity is part of their work as teachers, and it is doing to increase the level of information, awareness and confidence of students”


The report also points out another great revolution of these 2 last years: that undertaken by families with minor transsexuals and initiated so mediáica with the case of the San Patricio College of Málaga. These families have advanced the minds of teachers and students to the support their children to live without fear in keeping with its identity: sex sense. According Rainbow 1 each 1000 transgender people is.

Serrano pointed to this change as a key factor an important legal advance in the Andalusian education ago 2 years old: the approval of the protocol gender identity. This tool has even facilitated the transit of transsexual teachers in Andalusia, which in some cases they have been made public through the media.

Last, in relation to families, The report provides a statistic that has improved in relation to data 2015: the 67 % of the students think your family would react well to tell them they are the LGBTI. In the report released ago 2 Rainbow years less than half showed that confidence in their families. For Serrano This data shows that “the generations of the past century, among which are both teachers and parents and mothers now, We are also advancing and eliminating old minds imbued with our ideas homophobia”.


Ago 10 years old, time when rainbow began to make these reports, the situation was radically different: most of the students responded that their friendship would worsen or break if your best friend out of the closet”.

Rainbow for homophobia ago 10 years among secondary school students responded to the influence of social homophobia inherited from the last century: in the twentieth century homosexuality was a crime in most countries of the planet, He was also considered a disease and to top it off we had been deceived into believing that it was unnatural”, says Gonzalo Serrano, president of Arco Iris.

Today students are surprised to know that there are still 80 countries, of about 200, who condemn homosexuality with imprisonment, torture and, in 10 them, with the death penalty. Also it surprised that could be considered a disease: “How can you condemn 2 people fall in love and love each other? How love could be considered a disease?”, are some of the most common questions in workshops rainbow.

about Spain, also it surprised that homosexuality was a crime for less than 40 years old. It was in the year 1979 when they were eliminated paragraphs referring to homosexuality law of social danger, formerly known as “Vagrancy”.

Gradually the percentages have changed and a decade later has completely reversed: Now the vast majority accepts diversity.


Despite advances the study points to a percentage of males as the key to the persistence of homophobia: “we should focus on aggressive deconstruct masculinities”.

As seen from the data of the report are the guys who have a higher percentage of rejection of sexual diversity: They are also men who perpetuate the feeling of homophobia in the school environment with the permanent use of sexist and homophobic language. In the study of Rainbow shown as in schools it is still used regularly word “fagot”, insult which is defined by students as the most common and used offensive than men in the courtyards and recreation.

The study also highlights the fact that even most of the students LGBTI still in the closet. “Already there are boys and girls who assert themselves as gay and bisexual men in virtually all centers, from 2nd and 3rd of ESO, however we are still far from the 10%”. The federation refers to the percentage of homosexuals in the general population, according to the Kinsey report, the largest study of human sexuality done so far. Kinsey claimed that 1 each 10 exclusive people feel attracted people from the same sex.

The study emphasizes finally that intersex people are completely invisible in the system. According to the latest report by Amnesty International is the 1.7% population, but usually there at the birth invisibilized.


To keep advancing, encourage students and teachers out of the closet and foster an inclusive and respectful language diversity, Rainbow federation proposed centers use in classrooms and common areas of several exhibitions.

IT'S NATURAL, designed to make visible in Children, primary and secondary diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities of the animal kingdom, including humans.

HUMAN RIGHTS, created by Amnesty International, to address from 2nd of ESO the status of respect or violation of 30 articles of the Universal Declaration in relation to LGBTIs.

In addition Arco Iris offers free poster “BABY” Families for Diversity for AMPAS and counseling services, to point at the centers of places to turn to address issues of sexual diversity, and other materials available on the web www.escuelasinarmarios.tk.