50 wildland firefighters to reinforce the device fire

The Delegate of Environment during a visit to CEDEFO Seron.

The Delegate of Environment during a visit to CEDEFO Seron.

The Official Gazette of the Andalusian (COLOUR) today released the call of the Agency for the Environment and Water of Andalusia job 2015 and 2016 to strengthen the emergency device against forest fires in Andalusia, Infoca plan 2017. This is an extraordinary call that allows coverage of casualties in 2014 and 2015 under the legally established restocking fee for services that develop emergency work.

The posts of the call are 42 Firefighter Specialist spaces Forestry and Fire Prevention and other 8 Forest Firefighter Driver Operator Pumper for preventing and extinguishing forest fires in Andalusia. The squares have provinces allowance but will be offered and awarded to candidates in order of merit competition score.

In this call the selective system will contest the said merit assessment, indicating the jobs that are offered by professional category, deadlines for submission of applications, scoring scale for the assessment of merit, Selection Board and other aspects for the selective system. All of them have been published in the BOJA and on the website of the Agency for the Environment and Water:www.agenciamendioambienteyagua.es<http://www.agenciamendioambienteyagua.es>. The forecast is that the Public Employment Offer completed in time to allow the incorporation of new forest fire before the period of high fire risk in Andalusia.

Moreover, once the call, the creation of new job opportunities for temporary employment is expected to cover the service by filling vacancies, on the occasion of replacement workers under labor standards. the interim, vacancies and replacement contracts generated from that moment, They will be covered by this new bag, leaving without effect Temporary Employment Exchange 2016 except to meet the needs of Technical Forestry Firefighter profile operations, to be covered with that of 2016, extended and updated.

In relation to the principle of mainstreaming and non-discrimination on grounds of gender, Offer Public Employment provides that the physical evidence will be considered exclusionary threshold of security for the performance of the job, but their results will not enter the scoring scale.

The Offer Public Employment convened Infoca 2017 It adds to the recognition of the figure of Forestry firefighter and improvements in safety and prevention of occupational hazards implemented last year. All these measures aim that the device can play Infoca guarantees the responsibilities entrusted to him and to continue to be a national and international reference in fire fighting. The results of the last campaign of extinguishing forest fires are 3.430,04 hectares of forest land affected, a lower figure 43,41% the average for the last decade and 74,39% lower than burned in the year 2015.

The Infoca Plan is the instrument that has provided the Government of Andalusia for defense against fires on forest land. It has great relevance and social significance, in response to concerns that cause these accidents, as well as the importance of a fire defend 4,4 Andalusian million hectares of natural heritage. The sensitivity of Andalusian society to this problem is shown from decades ago and 1995 He took shape with the development of the first Infoca Plan.