19 associations and NGOs are 117.500 Provincial euros for cultural and social projects

The president of the Provincial de Almería, Aureliano Javier García, Friday delivered the fourth and final block aid 19 social groups, cultural and entrepreneurs in the province, they have received a total of 117.500 euros, for the implementation of their projects.

According to the institution they have indicated in a note, with these resolutions institutions may continue and strengthen the implementation of activities and projects for the needy. En total, the County Council has delivered this year 275.000 euros to finance social projects 55 associations from all points of geography almeriense.

With this fourth block aid, the Council gives strong commitment to the current government with social welfare almerienses through the development of projects and initiatives of associations and organizations who dedicate their day to day work for culture, sport and those in need.

Garcia thanked the participants “great work” they perform every day in defense of culture, sports and welfare almerienses. “Your dedication and involvement is essential for social and cultural projects, else, not be carried out. You arrive where administrations do not and your work is priceless, so any help we can offer from this institution is little”, It has been said.

In the same way, He rated yet “the commitment that you have with society making dreams come true, yearnings and projects of many people” and stressed that “you are the reflection of an appreciative and supportive society as Almeria”.

The projects will be developed thanks to subsidies that have been delivered are targeted, inter alia, conducting activities to support children with Asperger families, awareness campaigns organ donation, organizing major events (essence Cofrade), Anniversary of the College of Architects, support for families at risk of exclusion, international cooperation and cultural and sports activities for all almerienses.

The president of the council also added that budgets 2020, unanimously approved the corporation, It brings new games to promote aid to associations and other entities.